Homemade Açaí Bowl x ✈️ x Grocery Choices x CKT

So I said "short break" on Sunday night but it's been a full day, fail. Technically.. it's currently "Monday" for me cos I'm still on Monday's time – Late late Monday. 😅

2nd attempt at an Açaí Bowl for breakfast, with Açaí from #ProjectAcai.

This time I tried Golden Kiwi with Granola & sinful Peanut Butter cos I really loved the peanut butter & almond butter bowl option I had the other day 💕

Peanut Butter was a good idea 👍🏻

#Acai #AcaiBowl #CarmenEatsClean

Short trip this weekend yay yay yay!!! Much needed ✈️ like FINALLY. 😰

Here's the hint 😂

But I'm not going too far, not far at all actually.

So Sunday was spent with the girls, hunting down whatever's necessary, cos most of us are noobs & don't have the right gear / ANYTHING. I hope we're doing okay. 😶

Grocery shopping! I love picking out my dry stores!

• Soda Water (Calorie Free HAH)
• (New!) Dorset Cereals – luscious berry & cherry muesli (blackcurrants, cherries, & raisins.. Sounds so good already!)
• Greek Yoghurt
• Smoked Salmon was on Buy-1-get-1-free ✌🏻️ I always try to wait for these deals cos healthy living can sometimes be expensive living 😢 Cold Storage is my go-to, and I'm not fussy with the brand. I also prefer just the original ones, no black pepper etc etc

• (New!) NuVitality Brazil Nuts. My nuts inventory expanding once again, this is serious business 😂👍🏻 As of right now my collection includes but is not limited to: Cashews, Pine Nuts, Sunflower Seeds, Pecans, Macadamias, and as of today, Brazil Nuts. #GoneNuts
• (New!) Mountain Honey cos the name got me. & "Generous & Aromatic" & "France" 😂 Die in the hands of marketing gimmick I tell you! But let's see what it'll taste like! Eggcited!!!

• (New!) Belgium Chocolate & Treacle&Pecan Wholegrain Cereal. The "Belgium Chocolate" sold me lah 🤕 This is my current brand of Granola. Although it's considerably pricier than most boxed granola, this option is less sweet / sugary. & I love how é ingredients are more natural. Anything with all é good diet terms sucks me in.. & since I'm having a not so good week, why not sin healthily! The nutritional info comparable to é Treacle & Pecan one, BUY!! Super xiang this brand! My parents 💓 it!

So many new things to try! I feel like a little girl all hyped! Lame! Clothes & make up I understand.. But grocery! 😂 #SignsofAging #AntiAging please!

This is the Muesli, super chio hor! 💕

I knew I made the right choice when I removed it from the box, so much dried berries! 🙆🏻

Berries = Antioxidants! EAT MORE!

Kiasu 😂

This is one quote that is reminding me to be graceful in times of adversity.

Dance. That's the takeaway.

Not just "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

But rather, make ice blended lemonade with whipped cream & lemon sorbet topped with candied lemon, served with a side of lemon drizzle cake. 👍🏻🍋

Because anyone can make lemonade.

This especially applied to work last week. I think when we're caught in the midst of a storm it's easy to forget, but we always try. So dance. Dance in rain.

And on that note, Hello August!

It's a new month everyone! Let's go! 💪🏻

• ✈️
• National Day
• Company's offsite

• A good friend's wedding
• Birthday

• A good friend's wedding & Sister duties
• Christmas Eve Celebrations / catching up
• Christmas
• Christmas Sale
• Boxing Day Sale
• Year End Sale
• Countdown!

I always love the 2nd half of the year better.

It's looking good already! 🙆🏻

Forgive me for I have sinned. 😱

I caved and had a fist-sized portion cos I really CANNOT not have my favourite Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee.

They have the best & freshest cockles cos CKT stalls these days have horrendous shrunken malnutrition smelly ones yucks.

So, as a CKT lover, I claim this as my number one preferred CKT yet. 👍🏻


& with this I shall call it a night 😊


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