Today in a wordy post. Kylie Cosmetics x Book Choices x Lash Extension x List Making Habit

Anyone else awake at this ungodly hour for Kylie's Birthday Collection? 😐

4.00AM | Singapore time.

Let me come back to this space when I'm.. Actually awake. πŸ€•πŸ˜΄πŸ’€

4.15PM | In between places.

Okay okay okay! I'm traveling between both offices currently so I've about 20 mins?

Let's pick up from where I left off this morning. So, I'm mega zombie right now (duh), zonked. But it has been a fulfilling day thus far. 1 appointment, 2 cases, 1 approval, running misc errands now to avoid hiccups when I'm away..

4 more places to be before I can call it a day + 1 email to be sent out + 2 personal errands + Γ© long awaited TGIF dinner.

1 collection appointment made for my EzBuy package tomorrow before my flight & whee! I'm pretty damn done! Efficient!

Oh not forgetting my Kylie purchases this morning πŸ™†πŸ»πŸ’πŸ» * Flip hair *

1. I FINALLY FINALLY got down to purchasing something, FINALLY figured out Γ© processes (shipping etc), FINALLY sorted out what I wanted, FINALLY camped for the infamous launch.

2. That I even secured anything at all. It was all cray cray πŸ€• But gotta maintain composure under all that adrenaline. πŸ’ͺ🏻

11.05PM | After Supper.

So I finished my "4 more places to be before I can call it a day + 1 email to be sent out + 2 personal errands + Γ© long awaited TGIF dinner." πŸ’ͺ🏻

& more actually. Phew. Now I can say, I'm done for the day. πŸ€•

β€’ Leo | Lip Kit
β€’ Lord | Metal
β€’ Poppin' | Gloss
β€’ The Limited Edition Birthday Collection | Make Up Bag

This Kylie really knows brand marketing. πŸ˜₯ On a practical note though, I'm not gonna wear Lord & Poppin' like any other day but the "Real Gold" & "Birthday" & "Limited Edition" hype really got to me. It's a pretty stunning shade I must say, shimmering gold dust & all, just not too wearable. Nevertheless, it brings me joy just owning it, πŸ’“ all things pretty! πŸ˜±πŸ’•

Leo is a deep maroon brown that's not usually my color, & I haven't gotten anything remotely similar, but something about it took my breath away. I've a good feeling about this shade, and I cannot wait to put it on! Come to mama~!!! πŸ’„

I think this will make an amazing Autumn / Winter choice, expect that, none of these seasons exist in Sunnypore 😭

& bcos Γ© Birthday Collection was such a crazy launch, I separately carted some of her classics, & that meant double Γ© shipping but, what to do!

I digress. I had a desktop screen on with a "Please wait while we process your order.." loading, a mobile browser with a second attempt to cart (in case the desktop crash on me, #kiasu), & another desktop browser just to look at other collections. Talk about overreacting. Oh & I had all my banking details & credit card out & ready to attack any queries!

I πŸ’• Kylie Cosmetics, & I was determined to do something about it.. Finally. πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏻

β€’ Mary Jo K | Liquid Lipstick
β€’ Candy K | Lip Kit
β€’ Kourt K | Lip Kit
β€’ Mary Jo K | Lip Liner

Thoughts. Mary Jo K seemed like the kind of cool tone red that will complement any skin tone, "whiten" teeth, and brighten up the face. I don't usually wear red, but when you come across a shade like that, you take it.

Candy K, besides Koko K & Posie K, has always been on my list. & since I can't get hold of the latter two, I carted it anyways. It's a hot favourite so that's always eggciting. πŸ™†πŸ»

& finally the goodies that slipped out of my hands..

I'm guessing she didn't even launch the bundle during the restock, it was immd OOS ugh πŸ˜•

If there was ONE thing I was there on the net at 4-effing-AM for, the bundle was it.

Also, I really wanted to try the cream eyeshadows, in particular the copper one cos it looks so bronze goddess ley! πŸ™

& the minis, cos anything mini = CUTE!

#KylieCosmetics #Kylie #KylieJenner
#DayreBeauty #LiquidLipstick

Can't wait for them to arrive!

I think I might rethink my purchases, review if I should let any go, if I ever am guilt-ridden. πŸ’Έ Or if any of the shades strongly clashes with my skin tone. ε‹‰εΌΊζ˜―ζ²‘ζœ‰εΉΈη¦ηš„.. πŸ˜…

Then…. This happened. Book hunting for tomorrow's trip.

I. Love. This. NLB.


Settled on this ✌🏻️.

Reading materials, checked!

This also happened!

I contemplated getting them done but figured I'm not going to try & look alive the next 5 days so I went for the shortcut, despite the additional expenses.

But wtheck! It's been years since the last lash extension, which left me feeling rather unimpressed. I decided to give it a go & see if anything has changed.

More on that next time! πŸ‘€ So far now I will say, I LOVE IT. πŸ’•

Having Crayfish Salad & a cuppa Iced Lemon Ginger Tea w Honey @ TCC to wind down from a hectic two weeks.

πŸ’€ 要命!

#CarmenEatsClean took a break cos I was so tired & exhausted all the time my body really needed some nutrients.

I seek comfort in food. So I laxed a lil just to.. Stay alive.

I think it's important to challenge yourself, but to also know when to enjoy a cheeky reward.

So that was that this week. I had less healthy more tasty salads, I sneaked coffee here & there.. πŸ‘πŸ» & it's ok!

Last stop for this tgif evening.

βœ”οΈ 2PM: Appt @ Kaki Bukit
βœ”οΈ 3PM: 2 Cases @ Taiseng
βœ”οΈ 4PM: Documents delivery @ Raffles
βœ”οΈ 4.30PM: Changed $ @ Arcade
βœ”οΈ 5PM: Makan!
βœ”οΈ 7PM Lash Extension Appt @ Boat Quay
βœ”οΈ 8PM: NLB @ Orchard Gateway
βœ”οΈ 9PM: Travel errands – Watsons @ Orchard Gateway
βœ”οΈ 9.30PM: Travel errands – Sasa @ Wisma Atria
βœ”οΈ 10PM: Makan!

Lol for my own pleasure, looking at my list feels immensely satisfying.
Efficiency: 10/10!
Luck: 10/10!

Today has been one of the most productive days.

Although, I am beyond exhausted.

Maybe it's time to head home.

Agenda for tomorrow:
▫️Pack Luggage (NIL PROGRESS!!)
▫️EzBuy Parcel Collection (Yay! Yay! Yay!)
▫️Course Registration
▫️Charge Electronics (Oh what will we do without them)
▫️Finish current book 😦

Anyone a list person?

As OCD as list making sounds, it ensures I'm on track with my errands & keeps me on top of things. I appreciate it more when I'm flustered & all over the place. I make lists for many, many things. Seems to be effective, for me at least! πŸ‘πŸ»

2.23AM | Uh-oh.

Charging a million & one things all at once!

Tryna sort out the trip's itinerary so that I know what clothes to bring πŸ”«

Making a list (again) of things to bring.

Should stop Dayre-ing. Lol.


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