Love, Bonito x PokemonGo x Subway?

Was at the office churning reports yesterday. 9.30am – 8.30pm. Including lunch 😦 Didn't know time flew by so quickly, where has all the time gone! All I remembered was taking a sit, case after case after case & bam I was so glad to be 75% done (the urgent ones are out of the way) & suddenly the sky was dark the office was empty.. The only reason I stopped was cos this colleague from another department had the main door key & he was leaving, so we had to go. 😕

Work work work work work.


I love this dress from #LoveBonito!

I know some people say the material is really thin. Tbh though it's why I love it. The weather in Singapore can be such a killer at times, I think a thin lightweight baggy airy comfy dress is much appreciated. Just throw on & head out. No fuss & still looks.. Cute. The dress. 😂

Main point though, the embroidery on this piece is most lovely. I'm a sucker for details (#virgo). & intricate / quality embroidery is harrrd to find. It makes me mad when something LOOKS embroidered, but its PRINTED. Ultimate cheat lor. 😒

Sizing wise stick to your usual, no problemo with such loose fitting dresses 👍🏻


Okay this deserves a post of its own 😂

I was back from an appointment & exhausted & really hot & 🤕.. Omw up to office I caught a DRAGONAIR.

So pretty right!!! 😍 All the Pokemons are so cute & this one looks so gorg!
Aw! 😍💕

But why does it become orange when it evolves! 🤔🙁

My colleague said "Why cannot! Blue baby doesn't mean have to become blue what."


So I snapped at him, "You born a Chinese grow up to be an Indian meh?"

Hmph. 😤

I want a cute blue dragon. This shade of blue I love! 😭

Pokemon harvest was meh, only one 😍

Oh! & a Vaporean spawned a few blocks down, okay lah not bad for such an ulu office. I occasionally get a Dratini or two. Never a Vaporean but I guess I worked hard & the universe was rewarding me & my 5 minutes break 😇

But my dear girl here can be quite a bimbo. She will loiter all over the place and stop at, of all 4 patches of grass, the one that has NOTHING. No stops no lure & no pokemons. 😓 I think she's allergic to lure. I can't reach ANYTHING WHY. 😫

& I'm not even actually located there!!! See the lure on the top right? I AM THERE HELLO.



I succumbed to caffeine yesterday. 🤐

This is my count:
9.30am – Roasted Almond Latte
12pm – Teh Ping
4pm – Cafe Latte 👆🏻

😞 Sometimes we just Need. That. Caffeine. & yesterday was truly one of those days.

Nvm lets go! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻


Lunch was a quickie, Chicken Breast Salad from Subway.

Ain't nobody got time to run around!


Altho! I must say. Subway's salad is decent. I would never have imagined. Cos Subway is like fast food to me. The Chicken Breast tastes like frozen chicken, but tasty in an unhealthy way. There's onions & olives & capsicums, olive oil dressing & that for me puts it above é usual mountain of lettuce some place call salad. It's a veggie quick fix I kinda sorta approve for desperate mo. 😅

Oh! & avocado something. I'm guessing it's not guac bcos if it is it sure does not taste anything like it at all! 🙊

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