A decade is ten years.

Girl opposite me is in my JC uniform. Ey! Junior! 🤔: Means she's 17/18 years old. WTHECK, I'm a decade older than her. 😭😭😭 JC feels like just yesterday. WHERE HAS ALL THE TIME GONE!?! I'M A DECADE OLDER THAN THAT GIRL. A DECADE. *bold enlarge font highlight underline* I feel like a dinosaur now. […]

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Tolido’s Espresso Nook x Coffeebean’s Honey Macchiato & Scone

Terribly busy recently! 😭 Quick breakfast with the fam, Sunday's routine. Nothing Nama Chocolate can't solve! I love bitter / dark chocolates ttm! 💕 Work work work work work! 💪🏻 Tolido's Espresso Nook Bridal squad meeting yesterday 👰🏻🎩💕 The Ultimate Combo: For the indecisive and hungry (me!). A combination of fluffy Pancakes with Pork Bacon, […]

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T.G.I.F I've been super busy I think I haven't checked IG in probably 2 ✌🏻️ days 😕 Thank God it's Friday.

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On being useless x Love Bonito

Lol first day back at work. Came across this & thought it was app. That's me. 9.23PM | Finally heading home. Clearing msgs in the bus now, thought I'll share the LB parcels that arrived over the weekend 🙆🏻💕 Side track / listening to. This is sucha catchy song, no baby no ~ lol. (Left) […]

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JAYBEE Trippin!

The color of dragonfruit is too pretty I cannot! 😍 Just ended training, & I'M OFF TO JAYBEE! Woohoo! 🎉 I'm beyond excited! I'm beyond high! I'm beyond happy! I'm beyond carefree! I'm beyond worry-free! I'm just beyond beyond!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Let the weekend begin! 😄😄😄 This is a special weekend. 😉 & a long one […]

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Mozzarella Friday

I'm in a mood today idk why. Not everyday's rainbows & butterflies. Went grocery shopping, bought a few dinner ingredients to cheer myself up. It's interesting how my definition of comfort food subconsciously evolved from that plate of Char Kway Teow + extra cockles / seafood crab feast / Hainanese chicken (thigh) rice extra chili […]

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