EzBuy Buys!

5.13PM | 早安你好! ☺️

Just woke up & eating my breakfast now! 😅

A while back I bought my first batch of stuff from EzBuy! Super excited to share them! 🙆🏻💕


I went a bit cray with eye-wear! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

Okay a little a lot. 😂

My current obsessions are those with the kitty ears, & black & bronze specs, & reflective PINK glasses!

Don't ask me why, I did Lasik a few years back, but that day I seriously missed wearing specs again 😅

I love them all! Quality tbh is better than those you get at 100-150 Baht from Thailand! 💕

I also got on the choker bandwagon! 🙆🏻


I'm always super slow when it comes to adopting the next trend. So I'm finally on this!!! What I like to do is pick out cheaper options to see if they'll complement my personal style, before going all out with it. I guess that's called experimenting haha. 😅

So I picked out two simple chokers. I only meant to pick one but between silver & gold, WHO CAN DECIDE!?! Different outfit theme will call for warm / cool tones mah. :/

& it's only $2.15 each! Buy buy buy!

I love #EzBuy! 😱

Intimate wears.

Intimate wears are my absolute weakness.

Okay I've a lot of weaknesses. But the point is, I love shopping for undies & bikinis & all things personal on the inside. 😂

Usually, I go back to my usuals cos I'll know exactly how it'll fit. And I've never bought undergarments online before cos seriously girls, the wiring in bras can be a bitch sometimes. We know how that feels when it starts poking in all the wrong places. 😡 Plus when hygiene is in question I can be quite paranoid.

But maybe perhaps that day I was bored, or in a mood. I went ahead to order some cos they were so cute.

I contemplated posting them here cos.. They're intimates. But good things must share! I was surprised at é quality (a word I'm gonna repeat infinitely in this entry), I wasn't expecting much of the material / fit, but both aspects were 👍🏻👍🏻. Score lei! I'm so pleased! 😊💞

With that said, of cos, we cannot compare them to your Triumphs & VSs still.

Look at that flutter "sleeve" & lace deets 😍

Due ✌🏻️

I bought this cos the butt butt lace details looks like a butterfly. 😍

I'm easily sold like that.

1. Lace deets
2. Navy Blue
3. T-back will be so useful for many racerback tops (front closure)
4. The bottom is seamless, even at the font!

& I honestly thought, aiyah EzBuy, confirm the lace v flimsy. BUT, the lace is so legit! Win liao loh 💪🏻 Mighty happy 🙆🏻


$14.84, un-un-unbelievable! 😂

Tre 👌🏻

I bought this cos é back on é top is unique! I like a variety cos you know how some blouse are semi see-through / have peek-a-boo cuts.. Please don't wear granny undies inside 🙈

& I love all things ribbon, 🎀, not surprising by now! Hehe!

Ahhhhh I love é 3 strap deets! Front closure too for this one!

Simple sets like these will cost anywhere between $35 & up offline? While I believe in investing in a solid pair of undergarments, é occasional cheap thrill can be satisfying! 🙃 $19.14!?

& bcos I had an upcoming trip then,
& bcos I've been wanting to Yoga,

I got me more sportswear! I've been seeing those mesh deets everywhere & I wanted me some cos imo they have a slimming effect. One can always use some visual / optical illusion 😂

Stretchy but not thin, mesh QUALITY is 👍🏻 too. For the price, I say this rivals many off the shelf offerings.

Last but not least, PJs.

Cos I'm a sucker for PJs too. HAHA.

But right, the QUALITY was so good, I ended up wearing the top as a lazy Sunday brunch top paired with a pair of short white denims & my Adidas Superstar.


I love the hi-low cut so much, + anything grey, + the fabric feels like a pullover sweater more than it does a PJ. So okay, plan is I'm gonna wear this as a comfy top until it disintegrates into a bedtime attire. 😁

Pants? Same 👍🏻 material. $8.17 for a SET. OHMYGAWD. 😱

All in all I'm 100% happy & overjoyed & pleased & all sorts of satisfied with this buy. Considering the price, I for real rest my case. EzBuy is my new obsession.

In fact they have occasional Free Agent Fee, so I've already prepped a whole cart full of items camping for the promo again!

Cos my work schedule can be rather erratic, I can't quite do last minute / same day carting. This is my new strategy hehe. 😊😊😊


Can't wait for the next! Happy Sunday guys! Or what's left of it!



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