Decisions Decisions x PokemonGo x Watanabe Cafe x Absolute Açaí

4.32PM | Done & done.

I've spent the entire morning (since 9am) going through some thoughts, & making one of the scariest decisions I've made till date.

Tbh I don't know where that'll lead me, but what I do know is I'm not willing to give up without a fight.

I'm gonna need all the positive vibes I can get to pull this one off. But here's to the future. 🍷

& then completely switching gears to something "SO SERIOUS" – #PokemonGo

I'm pretty sure by now no one's running all over after those mons anymore.

But anyway! I finally placed at a gym 😂 Really, I'm not interested in the battles. I just wanna find cute mons ya. But this is a victory snapshot 😂

& then remember that Lucky Egg? 🐣

My previous record was 68 evolutions cos I (kiasu) wanted to maximise every last bit of x2 XP.

This time round I trashed my personal record & did 71 evolutions. 9 of which are newly registered to the Pokedex so I've additional 500XP x2 each!

Totalling 80,000 XP for this lucky egg!

Geek much.

I've 3 eggs left. But I don't see myself doing this anymore! 😳 Its cray tryna collect all that effing Pidgeys 🐦

Do you know how much I hate birds irl!?

Caffeine & fruits cos.. I'm on a new plan! 😂🙈

This is adjusted to cater to my sleep debt lifestyle. At least for month ends & the first stretch of the new month (recovery). Caffeine is so so hard to forgo. So, I tweaked the existing plan just a little. 😅

That's Iced Soy Latte btw, from #Starbucks. So I'm still.. Trying.


Watanabe Cafe

Japanese Matcha Latte @ #WatanabeCafe

Baked Rice with Seafood Mix

I only have very very little of this just to taste. So far I quite enjoy the food there. Their Baked Rice & Omu Rice always look so darn tasty! 😱


Facials are always fun! 😊

爱美! Hehe!

I love how clean my face feels! & I love taking photos because.. I feel like once I step out the pollution & dust will all stick to my face & the brightest & cleanest I'll ever have it is immd after a facial so I snap one just for keepsake.

Make sense? I don't think so 😅

But here's one more of my skin looking all glowy (actually from the skincare the beautician applied but idc haha), aiyoh!
Shameless 😍😍😍

If only one day my skin will finally truly be like THIS without the lotion &.. camera filter 😂

But I reckon it'll be so hard cos of all the late nights & work stress & bad diet etc etc. 😕

Absolute Açaí

& my Açaí obsession continues.. 🙊

This is happening..

I'm always a fan of Project Açaí @ Takashimaya & I never thought I'll find a better replacement but..


I found it. 😱

This is the Signature Bowl in Medium from #AbsoluteAcai and it's so addictive!

1. The coconut shavings cannot get anymore generous!
2. I think it's honey granola but whatever that is its BOMB.
3. Fruits will be fruits, but all those crunchy combination on the inside is what makes this.. THE BEST AÇAÍ BOWL IMO!

& the medium here is equivalent to large from Project Açaí. Plus there's a really nice seating area, compared to the stand up bar concept at PA.

So. I CHANGE MY MIND! I love this more! Hehe!

Although I will still patronise both cos I can't say no to Açaí atm.

PA has the take home diy sachets so I'll definitely have to go back there too. & it's more convenient if I'm already in town.

Both also love lah! 😱😍💕

8.24PM | Wish me luck!

So busy tryna sort out pictures from my Bali trip. 😱 I've over a thousand (what did I doooo), and right now I'm down to 100ish. But I've yet to include those transferred to me in my mobile.

Omgawd wish me luck.

Me + Holiday + Camera =


11.41PM | 🔫

Turns out I've 500+ Bali photos in my phone.



& I'm horrible cos I always take a ton of pics & totally forget about it until it piles up.

Die lah die lah! Hahahhahahhaha!

K ciao.

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