Love Bonito x Quinoa-Making x The Sushi Bar x Jamie’s Italian

Love Bonito! 🙆🏻

Super excited! Managed to cart these two ✌🏻️ that immd caught my eye!

Now let's hope it fits, I got them both in XS.

#LoveBonito really trains decision-making skills. 😂 Open site, cart cart cart cart cart. Think / Remove. Check out. Pay. Hehe 😂 I really learned to make up my mind superrrrr quickly (& hopefully accurately 😅), esp when I'm at the office / rushing between appointments.

Thank you @whitechoco 😘💕

I also picked this pair of shorts in Navy, cos.. Why all my shorts spoil at the same time!!! 😩😩😩

I went from TOO MANY denim shorts & shorts to NO MORE denim shorts / shorts OVERNIGHT. 😓

So I'm on a mission to replenish my inventory.

This pair looked like a classic fuss-free timeless cut, & a simple navy blue will go with soooooo many tops. I love the back cos it has basically NOTHING. & the front tie sash deet I ADORE. Idk why I just ADORE. 🎀 Excited!!! 🙆🏻💕

More shorts please!
First world problems. 🙊

This was lunch today.
– Quinoa
– Tomatoes + Mini Mozzarella Balls
– Blanched Broccoli + Carrots, seasoned with coarse black pepper
– Smoked Salmon sprinkled with dried Dill

I'm shamelessly convinced. I've mastered the art of quinoa-making, if I may say so myself.

• Quinoa
• Double the portion of Chicken Stock
• Water
• Clove of Garlic, thinly sliced
• Handful of raw Cashews, roughly chopped

1. Quinoa + Chicken Stock + Garlic, bring to a simmer. Lid on. Stir frequently.

2. When stock has reduced, but quinoa has yet to swell sufficiently, add water, stir, lid on.

3. Keep doing so until, you know how rice "bloom" when it's cooked, quinoa does the same. Once ready it'll puff up.

4. Turn off heat. Let it steam with the residual heat, lid on.

5. Fluff with fork.

6. Transfer into a bowl, keeping it very fluffed, place in refrigerator to cool.

7. Once cooled, fluff. Hahahhahahha. I think all that fluffing helps cos mine turned out really light. And tasty from the stock versus water. 👍🏻

8. Gently fold in roughly chopped cashews, for extra nutrients & texture to each bite!

Quinoa = new love 😊


Got given a post-it set from one of our partners.

Stole my colleague's & rearranged the colors according to my liking 😁

I blame the OCD in me.

But it's all pretty now!

The Sushi Bar

Dinner today.

My favourite Kaki Ponzu from #TheSushiBar

The oyster & sashimi is fresh, it's a good quick fix. So I'd say it's a reasonable price tag.


5 type Sashimi Platter.

I'm always secretly happy when they've ran out of squid, and then replace it with octopus.

So far it's been every single time.

Do they even have squid?? 🤔

But I'm not complaining! 😊😋

Jamie's Italian

Last nom!

I found my current fav drink of all time!!!

I need more new words for "excited" cos.. A lot of things "excite" me recently. Like.. A. Lot.

But anyway! I highly highly highly over the moon and the sun and the stars highly, recommend the Pear & Blueberry Smoothie from Jamie's.

So ridiculously good. It's like berries and pears and all things sweet but not sickly sweet. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

And goodnight!


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