The Body Shop

It's been an extremely busy week. Partly bcos its month end, and partly bcos I've other commitments. But.. don't say good things never share! 😁 The Body Shop's shower gel is going at $5/250ml (min. 2 bottles), instead of their usual retail price at $12.90 each! 😱 I love their scents but $12.90 I cannot […]

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Love Bonito whee!

Lunch Time Review! Pamiya Printed Playsuit, Size XS First of all, the kimono cut, 😍 Then, the print, 😍😍 Playsuits / rompers give my body an extremely weird proportion, from past experiences. & I've always avoided them since. But the kimono cut…….. I sense a new obsession developing. 😶 So anyway, I carted out the […]

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Today's choice of music 🎧 Choice of snack. & if you're like me & you love the Caramel (do you say care-rer-mel or carr-mel?) flavour of this, the Matcha version.. Omg. Omg. Omg. Hyperventilate. This. Is. So. So. BOMB. 💣 And Iced Matcha & Espresso Fusion (Matcha everything!) (why EMF and not MEF? Starbucks staff?), […]

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I am ready for coffee. 9.18PM | No kidding 🙄 Guy 💁🏻‍♂️: How much to have the blended option? (of Iced Americano) Coffeebean Staff 💁🏻: (Staff looks legit confused) We don't do ice blended for that.. 💁🏻‍♂️: Can I have no fat milk? (Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't Americanos milk-less? Otherwise it'll be just […]

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Experimenting with Yoga

Yoga nearly killed me 💀💦 Booked Sunrise Flow for first thing on the agenda on a "CHILL" Saturday morning, to get the engine going. Boy was I SOOOOO WRONG. In my head for some reason, Sunrise Flow sounded like.. morning stretches? 😂 I mean.. how many of us are actually awake & pumping at 9am […]

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A Day In My Life

& then to evening coffee. Like naoooooo. 😩 Werk werk werk werk werk ~ | 8.16PM Hair up means BUSINESS. 💪🏻 but 😭 & 💪🏻 but 😭 I've been extremely busy lately 😫 A day in my life looks something like that: 9.00AM | Breakfast at my desk + first meeting for the day. (Okay, […]

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Bam. 💊🚑🚨 Cos 🍦 saves the day!

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It’s a new day / week

2.45AM | Dayre-ing from bed right now. Dinner was laksa at 12.45AM. My Brother actually warned me not to eat bcos of the coconut milk. But I was craving spicy soup so bad!!! Now I'm regretting cos.. tummy ache 😫😭 Wtheck. My tummy used to be made of steel. 🔪 Anyway! 2.51am & still work […]

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Rat Race, run baby run.

I've been so busy & sick lately. Have you ever wished there were more hours in a day? 😕 I've even wished for more days. Aye. Also, feeling like I wanna work in London for a while. 😕 I miss everything about London. The people, the weather (even the cold gloomy ones), the cobbled streets. […]

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