Experimenting with Yoga

Yoga nearly killed me 💀💦

Booked Sunrise Flow for first thing on the agenda on a "CHILL" Saturday morning, to get the engine going.


In my head for some reason, Sunrise Flow sounded like.. morning stretches? 😂 I mean.. how many of us are actually awake & pumping at 9am on a weekend!? 🤕



I'm in no way advanced leh!!! This is my THIRD CLASS!?

I'm an absolute yogi-newbie, and an extremely inflexible one too. 🤕

I perspired in this one hour 10x more than me running 3.5 klick. 💦💦💦

But everyone had an extremely good laugh watching each other shiver torturously lol. Some of us were "nervous" & "anxious" while others had "turbulence" as the instructor would tease. 😂💪🏻

I love how bright & open the studio is.

And that's me at the teeny corner cos I'm just not a centre-centre person.

People have the impression that yoga is all about stretches & relaxing moves etc etc

I know I did before.

Until I saw yogis having solid abs. 😱

Of cos it's expected that holding such tricky poses requires good control of your muscles and all that tension is.. rather challenging. But I never NEVER expected to be drenched in perspiration. 💦💦💦

My inner thighs hate me to the core now. Core, pun intended. See what I did there? Thigh to core? Hahahahhahah okay lame. Muscles confirm protest tom.

Saw this sign otw out & can't help but laugh inside.

Yea. My first 3 classes have been coincidentally, increasingly (yet pleasurably) tormenting. So, it really "never gets easier" 😂 Now let's hope I "get stronger".

🤔 Can't think of a hashtag to document this new "hobby".. 🤔

Best part after a satisfying workout is..



Then food. 😋💦 Yum tums. So hungry. Mee Tai Mak FTW.

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