Love Bonito whee!

Lunch Time Review!

Pamiya Printed Playsuit, Size XS

First of all, the kimono cut, 😍

Then, the print, 😍😍

Playsuits / rompers give my body an extremely weird proportion, from past experiences. & I've always avoided them since.

But the kimono cut…….. I sense a new obsession developing. 😶

So anyway, I carted out the XS & S.

As expected, the XS is on the shorter side for me (I'm a 1.66-1.67ish-m) but…….. it is synched in at the waist and hips perfectly on my frame. 😭


This is the S.

While the length is ever so slightly more comfortable, the excess fabric is a uh no no. ☝🏻️

XS just flatters the figure better. I need all the help I can get with this one-piece. 😅

As you can probably tell, the waist & hips area, too much cloth! 😐 For the XS, it's not snug at all, & it looks tailored. The playsuit is lined, and not stretchy, in case you're wondering. Concealed back zip, & comes with a detachable sash. 😉👍🏻

And so..

Letting go of the Pamiya Printed Playsuit in Size S!!!

(Not Available)

If anyone's keen? 😊 If not I'm gonna mail it back tomorrow evening cos.. don't wanna get stuck with both sizes! 😆

Idalia Swing Top, Grey, Size XS

1) The top is snug at the PTP
2) I've gained weight and I'm now in between sizes!!! 😭 Dang.

But the top in my usual size is definitely snug (only) at the PTP, plus it's not stretchy.

I will definitely want to size up for this piece.

Then again, truly, I may have gained some (/ a lot) of weight recently as well. 😖

Can see from the left shot the blouse creased at the strapless bra portion. & the OCD in me hates it when that happens argh!


Still tryna get the hang of taking back view shots.

How do you girls do it!!! It looks easy but the angle is so.. back facing!? Hahhahaha. Ok caffeine high.

The back caught my 👀

Concealed back zip + ☝🏻️ button, a sorta-keyhole cut. Simple yet so lovely. And flowly. And comfy. It's a winning combi for me! 😊 So many ways to pair this one! 💕

Ahhhhhhhhh! Please no more launches! 😢💸

Usher doing what he does best. 💤


& acting all adorbs! 💕



This is sooo delish!!

If you love peanut butter & have yet to try it! Omg Omg Omg!

Don't say never share!!! 😄💕💕

I. Want. A. Million. More. Please?

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