The Body Shop

It's been an extremely busy week.

Partly bcos its month end, and partly bcos I've other commitments.

But.. don't say good things never share! 😁

The Body Shop's shower gel is going at $5/250ml (min. 2 bottles), instead of their usual retail price at $12.90 each! 😱

I love their scents but $12.90 I cannot bring myself to indulge cos it just doesn't justify.

But $5!?! BUY.

& even better, if you've the Changi Rewards Card (like I do), discount on top of discount (I used my card at T3, The Body Shop @ é basement), it's like $9.30 ish for 2 (as per the sales staff). But I think my bill was like 30 bucks and a few cents for 9 bottles? 😱

Idk but it's a damn good deal imo.

So i grabbed 7 bottles 😁

I def would've gotten more but I was slightly embarrassed at my ridic outburst of excitement. 😅

I got the:
– Grapefruit
– Papaya
– Passionfruit x2
– Peach
– Mango
– Olive (which doesn't smell the best but I think it benefits my dry skin)

& 2 other bottles belonged to a friend. Nine in total 😳

There's also about 4 other scents? Blueberry, Satsuma etc etc


Cheap thrills.


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