Dear couple beside me, If you're gonna "munchkins" here & "munchkins" there like two marshmallows roasted together in a smore (yums), the books spread out on your table seems redundant? No? 😒 Rather annoyed.

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My new friend Mozart

OMG. Look what I've found. Camping @ Starbucks & getting work done, Sunday evening. First time trying the Matcha & Espresso Fusion in iced version, I like the hot one better cos hot Matcha warms the heart more. On a hot day though, like earlier, the iced version is still 👍🏻 Except a venti usually […]

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Rise & shine! 😀 Starting the morning right with an iced earl grey tea. 👍🏻 My all time fav ckt. 加辣加hum is definitely the way to go! 😋 #DayreFatties