✏️📚 x Buy 2 Get 1 Free!? x Snapchat filters!

This morning's 🌈

Back to school these couple of days.. sorta.

Favourite lazy attire = skinny jeans & (knit) top from #LoveBonito & adoring the neckline on this piece. 💕

Slipped on a pair of loafers, work blazer (cape blazer, also from LB haha), & here's my take on biz-causal. Oh-so-comfy! 😁✌🏻

An hour early for class. Lol.

Forever 21!!!

If you don't already know!!! F21 is having a "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" deal on ALL items!!!

Whee!!! Good deals must share! 😂

Was waiting for daddy to pick me earlier, & I popped by.

The best combination is to select 3 items of almost equal px imo (cheapest item is your freebie).

Picked up some yoga attire since I don't have many, and I wear them casually on lazy weekends anyway. 🙊

Elastic waistbands are too tempting.

Grey sports bra, I love the back deets but so so hard to capture 😭

💰: $24

This baby.

Ok so I've been admiring blue variations of yoga pants for a while now. I think it's so so pretty! 😍

Some prints though..

I wanted one with the right shade of blue, & texture / print that is more abstract i/o.. say floral / waves / any PARTICULAR blue object.

I love the contrasting blend of dark navy blue & neutral blue, highlighted with white details.

It kinda looks like icebergs but at the same time nothing at all. 😍 Sho love please! Die happy now. 💯💯💯

💰: $34

Also found a black three quarts with cut out / laced deets cos its so in right now!

Even if it wasn't trending, I still love the look of it.

I'm quite a detail oriented person.

💰: $24

All in all I paid $58, which averages out to $19ish / piece, & I think its very justifiable for sportswear.

I also would have gotten their basic spags (cos there can never be enough), if I had more time. $7/spag with the promo will equate to $4ish a basic & since we all go through spags like crazy, I'd say it's def a steal!

#Forever21 #F21

Can I just say how much I love this filter!!!


& I'm not even a Hello Kitty fan!

Adorbs!!! 😱😱😱

I think I've found my all time fav Snapchat filter! Doggy no more! 🐶

I had to 😂

Hm. 🤔

This is a pretty filter but I cannot get over how creepy it is.

Okay it's creepy.



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