Remembering Santorini x Love Bonito

Came across this picture & was reminded of a time I was completely contented with my life.

Not that I'm not now.

But I remember staring at this view (irl) feeling absolutely grateful for everything I had.

I also remember taking many deep breaths, telling myself I will never allow myself to forget this moment. And I never did, and I never will.

That was 6 years ago, in 2010. (Wow)

The place is Fira, in Santorina. Santorini, as cliche is it has become, is truly one of my favourite places on earth. You can see the world from up there. Puts a lot into perspective.

Oia's sunset is, just perfect.

Love Bonito


Folia Printed Off Shoulder Dress
White, Size XS

I picked this dress cos I've been in the Off-Shoulder-mood recently. Or, you can say I'm really late jumping on this bandwagon! πŸ™ƒ

πŸ’œ Material

Surprisingly thick, sturdy and lined. But not stiff / structured. I was half expecting it to be light and flimsy but it wasn't. πŸ‘πŸ»

πŸ’œ Size & Fit

If you're like me (1.66 – 1.67m tall but shrinking 😭), this dress in a Size XS is not quite office appropriate. It's fine until you raise your hands up then BOOM πŸ’₯, butt out (sorta). 😱 & we know how unexpectedly active some days in the office can get. πŸ˜…

But, it's an awesome vacay dress to be in for a little cheeky fun. It'll be a great event dress too! With simple black strappy stilettos. πŸ€”

Folia Printed Off Shoulder Dress
Black, Size XS

The shoulder straps are elastic, & round instead of flat (do I make any sense?), but that's the way I love my straps these days tbh. The elasticity makes it so much more comfortable & the roundness (vs flat spaghetti straps) is that bit more alluring.


Pockets deserve a mention of its own. Pretty dresses with concealed practical pockets are the wisest EVER. LB is starting to incorporate pockets into their pieces. πŸ’•

Decided that I'll be letting these pieces go cos I'm in the office most days these days (cue: year end closing), and if I can't wear it to work, I really-really have no where else to wear it to. πŸ˜•πŸ’”

Letting Go!

β–ͺ️ Folia Printed Off Shoulder Dress – White, Size XS (Not Available)
β–ͺ️ Folia Printed Off Shoulder Dress – Black, Size XS (Not Available)

Drop me an email with your address if you're keen! πŸ˜‰ Or I'll be mailing them back to LB Friday evening!


Variera Slip Dress
Green, Size XS

I. Couldn't. Resist.

Partly cos I've just been shopping for a slip dress around town last weekend.

This color 😍

Slip dresses are tricky. They should look comfy, soft, night gown-y, yet not as if you've worn your bedtime intimates out.

$42 😭

I don't know where to start with this one. I know I'll love a slip dress cos comfort = me. Slip dresses are so easy, TOO EASY. Plus I also adore how it looks with a choker. ADORE.

πŸ’œ Fabric

πŸ’― & so much more! It's like a blend between satin & polyester. Extremely smooth to the touch with a very very slight unnoticeable sheen. Ever so slightly. Non-stretchy. Lined. Omgawd imo this is the best fabric (at least my cup of tea) all year. It's fits the look perfectly. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

πŸ’œ Size & Fit

Concealed back zip, this dress fit fine in my regular size. PTP too! I will prefer to have it about an inch shorter cos it currently looks partly seductive (neckline) partly too appropriate (hemline), confusing. πŸ˜‚

Variera Slip Dress
Black, Size XS


You know how pockets make me jelly in the knees πŸ’• Hahahahhaha. Ok but wait a minute.. Dearest LB, YOU MANAGED TO SNEAK IN A PAIR OF POCKETS IN SUCH A SLEEK LOOKING DRESS!?! Win. WIN. How can this be, my world is now very very perfect. 😱

So I initially had the intention to only keep just one (or none cos $42 very hard to justify if the material quality is not there), but now I'm reluctant to let go of ANY.

Forest Green = to-die-for.
Black = updated LBD.

& we know the importance of both. 😬
& the consequences of letting go. πŸ˜–

😁 HOW.


Here's the actual green cos the photo earlier was horrendous. 😢

It's a sophisticated rich shade of forest green. If like Royal blue, there is such an "expensive" looking shade for forest green, this will be the version of Royal Forest Green. πŸ˜†

Tell me this shade isn't just gorgeous? 😍

Btw, LB Sale Online starting 00:00 (in 2 hrs) 😱

Terribly sleepy cos sleep debt. 😴

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