Spent some time wrapping up a little something for really nice people.

I take pride in gift wrapping. #justsaying

I think it also, apart from the choice of gift, shows a lot of sincerity.

Granted, not everyone finds joy in it, and some would rather not go through that hassle. But gift wrapping, like perfumes, says a lot about individuality. From the choice of wrapper, to "accessorising" the final product. Is there a card attached? Is there a little something specially incorporated (e.g. name / theme / color template) bcos represents the giver / receiver?

I love fussing about gift wrapping. How the wrapper matches the ribbon, matches the (handmade) card, matches my / their personality, matches the occasion.

The final product is a carefully curated mental mood board coming to life.
Ah, so exciting, & so satisfying.

It's the Virgo in me I think.

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