Saturday / Sunday x Fayth x Love Bonito

I meant to Dayre yesterday but I was so so exhausted..

I slept at 5.30am on Friday (or Saturday morning to be exact) cos, singles sale on EzBuy. πŸ˜“ I've had $700+ worth of items sitting in my cart waiting for "Free Agent Fee" cos I keep "needing" things but am unwilling to cart out without the FAF.
"Needing" here means necessary purchases e.g. More yoga wear, intimates.. and erm. Chokers. Hahahahhaa ok maybe I don't NEED chokers, but I kinda NEED them before its not cool anymore. πŸ˜…

I of cos did not cart out my entire cart (that would be insane), but I did prioritise $200 most important NEEDs. And I browsed for more good deals and finally everything was sorted, at 5.30am lor. 😢 I also put most orders into Prime cos there's a first time trial for $2.99 flat fee, unlimited order.

'twas a good deal.

I had to wake up at 8am, so I only slept 2.5 hours.

Let's backtrack a little to yesterday.


Bam. First time at the driving range, & I actually think I love it.

Had a much needed brunch sess with a couple of peeps at PS. Cafe & the food did not disappoint. πŸ˜‹

So so satisfying!

Coffee date (with coffee art) on a weekend just puts me in a mood. β˜•οΈ

FOOOOOOOOD! The burger was so so juicy!

& bacon!
& the truffle fries!

I miss having brunches! 😱

Extra sentimental this pair of sneakers, cos my little brother got them for me as a (successful) birthday surprise this year. πŸ’• So much love.

And so my day ended after 3-4 hours of clearing some work. + Dinner with my family, reached home at about 10pm and decided to just sit on the bed and..


And that's not the worse part.


I am horrible.

Luckily some part in me was conscious enough to at least remove my bra (tmi). I hate sleeping with my wired bra on, it feels like my body did not rest properly.

And that's still not the worse part (altho waking up in clothes I wore > 24 hours ago constitutes a huge part)..


And now I'm super behind time for my Sunday schedule. Aye. Sian.

Back to the hustle.


Quick review! Just got some work done over the last 6-7 hours, quick break before clearing (a lot more) personal errands. πŸ€•πŸ’ͺ🏻 Before Monday starts..

Also, pardon my hair haha. This was immd after my 13 hours knock out sess & its yesterday's hair, & its (it should be) filthy – Disclaimer: I did not perspire in it / it was not rained on / intentionally made gross okay!


Holly Off Shoulder Top &
Holly Shorts
Pink/Lilac, both Size S


I don't shop Fayth as frequently as I do LB so I don't have a "usual size" so to speak.

πŸ’œ Size & Fit

Followed the model's sizing. Luckily for me the top in S was def the right size. The elastic band is rather thick so a XS would be too restrictive since it's off shoulder & we all know how off shoulder tops are. πŸ™„

Shorts wise, I would say the S fit fine considering I intentionally went for something looser cos this style is so beachy and I wanna eat a lot on those kinda trips. I'm sure XS will fit too, just higher (i.e. on the tiniest part of my waist), but the allowance on the S was exactly what I was going for. Downside tho, S does look a tad too baggy when paired with the top.

Love Bonito


It was raining LB parcels last week! πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ

Dynielle Strappy Bodycon Dress
Blush, (left) Size XS, (right) Size S

πŸ’œ Material
Lined! I guess for a bodycon I would consider this piece to be on the thicker side, but not warm. With a bit of stretch too. Concealed back zip.

πŸ’œ Size & Fit

XS: PTP πŸ‘ŒπŸ»! I thought the PTP might be small hence also ordered in a Size S. It's snug at the hips (idk why, don't usually have this problem). But the biggest problem for me is that there seem to be allowance between my waist & hip, you can see some fabric gathering there. Bummer. πŸ€” I thought about it over an entire day & decided I should not hold on to these pieces. 😭 I need my bodycons to be super fitting! #ocd.

S: S was def more comfy at the PTP & hips, actually there's only a slight difference between both sizes. But of cos this meant that I had more excess fabric with the S. S is also longer, or maybe cos the dress is not hugging me at my hips so the fabric dropped lower?

The dress paired with a vest is so gorgeous. I love pairing blush & nudes against white. This was before I decided to let both sizes go, was thinking of how to make such a figure hugging piece "office appropriate" & I must say I extremely enjoy this combination. 😊

Letting Go!

β–ͺ️ Dynielle Strappy Bodycon Dress – Blush, Size XS (Not Available)
β–ͺ️ Dynielle Strappy Bodycon Dress – Blush, Size S (Not Available)

Drop me an email with your address if you're keen! πŸ˜‰ Or I'll be mailing them back to LB Monday evening!


Ending today's post with this. HAHAHAHAHHAHA. SO ADORBS.

I love dogs. 🐢

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