I think I make bomb-ass scrambled eggs. 😏 * Flip Hair * 😛 I'm sucha horrible cook. Whenever I whip something decent up, it has to come with the line: "Can get married liao!" As of today my future family will survive on: 1. Scrambled Eggs 2. Garlic Bread 3. Campbell Soup – Premium Selection: […]



Saturdays Morning routine with the usuals.. Showed my mum this and she was like "Haiyoh! Who's that old man!?" I'm like.. me? 🤗 Here's an attempt to redeem myself. Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters Quite lucky with brunches lately. 4 consecutively > satisfying weeks in a row! Starters • Truffle Mash • Chili Beef Fries Mains […]

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