Wow. It definitely has been a while.

Was busy clearing both month end & year end, end December and time really just flew. 😕✈️

Not to mention, last day of the long weekend……… 😭

Also, so many backlog photos idk where to start. And every time I think of just that, I procrastinate. 🤕

I'm hoping to consolidate all the photos on my phone / laptop and upload it into a proper 2016 album on fb, so.. fingers crossed.

I also want to do a 2016/2017 post but that's not quite happening.. since.. there's Dayre, there's also my old blog where I keep all my year end posts, and this year I also journaled. 🤔

Journal entry is half written cos.. I'm busy running around and thoughts don't exactly flow very coherently that way.

Lets just skip to the random things for now lol.

Partial Detox

Yup. Haha. Back on detoxing but, partially. 💪🏻 Cos I foresee not having enough time to meal prep and do the whole shebang like previously.

I will attempt it again though, after everything has sorta settled. 😁✌🏻

So yesterday I had a very sinful Nasi Padang lunch (which left me too full & crippled), and veggie sticks for midnight dinner 👆🏻.

Salsa, & Plain Yoghurt with a dash of Lime and Herbs and Black Pepper dip.


Usher being a snuggly pig this morning. 🐽



And then a partial detox cos this was pre-breakfast today 😶

We also had Mee Pok as mains haha.

My family's ugly side.

My pretty side of the table cos I don't eat century egg like the rest of them, and I love the starchy sweet jelly unlike the rest of them. 😋


Here we go again ✌🏻

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