Last Week / The Weekend

Team Dinner

Team buffet dinner that day cos.. my team has too many guys (i.e. only 2 girls) & my boss says we'll bankrupt him eating a la carte. πŸ˜‚

Which is true cos.. they're scary.

But I'd prefer a la carte since I don't eat as much as them (think Hungry Ghost Festival), and a la carte menus are on average better in terms of food quality.

I prefer quality over quantity, anytime.

I also treated myself to dessert because why not, 'twas a good day.

Chocolate Fondue
& Seedless Grapes
Matcha Ice Cream
Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

.. need I say more? πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ’¦

13 Hour Housekeeping

Every year I do a major housekeeping sess. I'll overturn my entire wardrobe / shelves / drawers. #OCD 😁

I love to decide what to keep / give away, maybe cos I love throwing away stuff. Reducing clutter helps me be more productive in my daily life, it clears my mind.

I love organising, & I love systems and order.

I meant to clear my stuff last December but I was too carried away clearing work instead. But the opportunity came this weekend and before I know it has been 13 hours πŸ€•

But I also fell super ill cos I was super tired after work & I'm allergic to dust. 🀧

(Cleaning dusts off surfaces gives me pleasure πŸ˜…, I've an obsession with Dettol. Okay I'm sounding seriously OCD.)

This is my current make up storage.

I call it my HDB. View from the front (with compartments closed) looks like a block of flats. πŸ˜‚

It is actually 2 blocks decked on top of each other. 4×3, from #Muji. I will highly highly recommend this cos you're able to customise the combination (i.e. vertical / horizontal / a combination of both). It is sturdy, but most importantly I'm able to see the contents inside (otherwise it'll be disastrous when I'm running late 😰). πŸ‘πŸ»

β€’ Level 1

Contains my #KylieLipKit s. They were left in their delivery box for the longest time.

Yay now! More lippies to play with! πŸŽ‰

The drawer on the right has my tinted / lip balms (#Kiehls & #Maybelline tinted balm – πŸ’ž), #Clinique Chubby Sticks, Tarte – πŸ’ž, #3CE, tinted glosses / liquid lipsticks / lip pencils etc..

β€’ Level 2

Left: Falsies / glue & related products

Middle: Eyeliners (automatic & liquid markers), Mascara, tools

Right: More lip products I know I know. It's my weakness. I love colours and I can't help it. πŸ˜πŸ’„ Lip tint & balm sets from #Benefit are my go-to cos I don't have to worry about it wearing off. For events, I love my #Chanel s & #YSL s (behind) cos color pigmentation is simply gorgeous, they're comfortable to wear, and they have a lovely scent. βœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ if it's a product I'll have to endure for HOURS. πŸ•™

β€’ Level 3


#RealTechniques – πŸ’ž (value for money) & #Tarte – πŸ’ž brushes, a set of #TheBodyShop Mini Travel Brush Set, a lone #Sigma eyebrow brush & a lone #BobbiBrown one from a highlighter set..

To the left there's also an eyeshadow & highlight palette from #Sleek cos I went through a curious phase with them.

β€’ Level 4

This is where all the fun things are!

Left: Eyeshadows! πŸŽ‰ Colours! #3CE (cos I went through a phase), #MAC, #Maybelline Brow Powder, #Laneige, #TarteCosmetics Tartelette in Bloom – πŸ’ž (swear by this baby, so so easy to blend!)

Middle: Blushes! Used to be one of my obsessions but I'm loving the no blush look recently. Figured since I already look so shag, just go with it πŸ™„ Tarte has really awesome blushes, & 3CE (wallet friendly). I did also played with Sleek's, patchy tbh.

Right: Face products e.g. The Benefit Porefessional – πŸ’ž which is a holy grail product, #LauraMercier – πŸ’ž loose & compact powder, Chanel's – πŸ’ž Perfection Lumeire Velvet for a full face of make up, #BareMinerals – πŸ’ž Mineral Foundation in matte for a light wash of make up. Stuck to these for YEARS, I adore them! 😍

I seldom wear a full face of make up to work. In fact I don't wear much at all. Cos for one I'm lazy like that.

I really love make up but you know how some girls look drastically different without make up..

Well, I don't want for that to be the case so I much rather give everyone my ι¬Όθ„Έ everyday. πŸ‘» That also means that I get to sleep in a little later, no cakey face, AND I do not need to remove anything after a long day. I hate having to double cleanse when I'm so so tired 😴

One of my favourite corner. πŸ’•

I'm a firm believer that scents are extremely personal and can tell a person's character / mood just like that *finger snap*

Which leads me to wonder, when people gift perfumes, howww πŸ€” Cos chances are.. a perfume can smell heavenly, & that's it.

Perfumes are never my choice for presents, not unless the person has requested for a specific bottle / I know currently uses it.

& from experience I will not finish a bottle I opened just because. Evidently from the picture πŸ‘†πŸ»

I may / may not have rant about this before. Lol.

But I'm so so fussy with my perfumes.

Usually the process includes:
β€’ Exploring my options
β€’ Test spraying it in store
β€’ Letting the scent warm up against my wrist
β€’ Wander for hours, shopping, sniffing, shopping sniffing
β€’ Narrowing my options
β€’ Return another day
β€’ Repeat 😢

This goes on until I'm convinced there's a scent I cannot stop thinking off.

Then I'll keep returning and only testing that scent for up to months before committing to a 50/100ml bottle. Talk about commitment issues πŸ™„

But it's so hard to finish perfumes & I just refuse to be stuck with something I'm not gonna enjoy after a while! πŸ˜₯

And also because of that I've stopped opening perfume presents and they're now just sitting on a shelve somewhere πŸ˜•

If there's anything I've learnt over the years – Perfume 101:
β€’ There really is such thing has a scent varying from person to person. It might be the warmth / the chemical reaction to different skin's PH (I really dk) but, definitely try it on your own skin. On a sample card, that's never the same. ☝🏻

β€’ Pulse points, don't underestimate them. Sometimes a few concentrated dots behind the ears & down the neck & dabbed on the wrist can prove more potent than trying to shower in the mist.

β€’ Dilution classes. The more common ones include Eau de Toilette & Eau de Parfum / Parfum. Sometimes the sales staff will claim that they differ only in concentration. I find them to vary, slightly, most times. For an everyday light scent, I'll opt for the Eau de Toilette, cos I like to spray like a crazy women & re-spray during the day. However, for more romantic / seductive evening scents, I like the Eau de Parfum cos they last longer. I find that there's more dimension & warmth to it too.

I'm no perfume connoisseur, I'm just a Virgo πŸ˜…



Mom tried to make her version of Bibimbap that day and it was da bomb πŸ’£

I'm so blessed my mom can & love to cook.

My future family (for the umpteenth time) is so gonna starve.

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