Bad Dreams xx I eat too much πŸ˜±

.. Sleep Tight.

Had an odd experience last night.

I fell asleep watching Suits (addicted!?! 😱) and Mom came in to confiscate my laptop but accidentally woke me up. In my moment of confusion she announced that she was just here to retrieve my θ‹Ήζžœ 🍎 and asked me to go back to bed.

And then I completely forgot who I was.

I tried super hard to recall and I didn't know what phase of my life I was in.

Was I in school? Don't think so. I'm working. Where!? In xxx? Woah really!? I made it there. Omg I'm living the dream? Hell this has got to be too good to be true. Wait then where AM I working!? Think Carmen think.

And I cannot for the life of me figure out which career option I had chosen / where I worked / where in my life I was.

It was so scary.

And I just stared into my mom's eyes so tempted to ask "Where am I working!?!".

But I didn't want her to think I was crazy / panic.

After what felt like an eternity of blank space.

I recalled.


Good Eats Marathon

Anyway! Aim for today is to finish uploading all my backdated makan pictures onto FB so that I can finally start posting 2017 (relevant) photos. πŸ˜…

I like to take / keep food pictures cos they remind me of happy / hungry times. Cos I love food. πŸ˜›

#DayreFatties #CarmenCafeHoppin

1. Iced Hazelnut Latte @ Refuel Cafe

2. Truffle Broth Ramen @ Kanshoku Ramen Bar

3. Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku @ Tanuki Raw

My place for a quick Foie Gras fix. πŸ’ž

4. Tuna Croissant @ BreadTalk

You'll be surprised πŸ˜‰

5. Platter to share @ Naughty Nuri's

6. Foie Gras Donut @ Tanuki Raw

Cos 1 Foie Gras dish is not enough πŸ™ƒ

7. Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku @ Tanuki Raw

8. Banana Walnut Cake @ The Providore

Best Banana Cake in my life ever! πŸ’ž

9. @ The Providore

10. Sashimi Rice Bowl with Mixed Grain Rice @ Koji Sushi Bar


11. EMF @ Starbucks

12. Peanut Butter Black Sesame Ice Cream @ Everton Creamery

13. Camembert Cheesecake @ Paris Baguette

14. Mee Tai Mak @ ToastBox

15. Double Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bar


16. Earl Grey Tea @ Starbucks

17. Mexican Bowl with Guacamole Braised Pork Brown Rice Hot Sauce & Sous-Vide Egg


18. Oysters @ Tanuki Raw

I think by now it's obvious how much I LOVE this place πŸ˜‚πŸ’•

19. Cheesy Thick Toast @ ToastBox

Must try!

20. Homemade: Baked Salmon Steak with Lemon & Herb

Lil brother's creation 😊

21. Tiramisu @ Supply & Demand.

Best Tiramisu EVER. Coming from someone who hates Tiramisu. & The only one I'll ever eat! πŸ˜‹

22. Tea Time @ Supply & Demand

23. Chirashi Don @ The Sushi Bar

24. Spicy King Prawn Aglio Olio / PS. Wagyu Brunch Burger / Portobello Brunch SoufflΓ© @ PS.Cafe

25. Caffeine Fix @ PS.Cafe

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