Watching Nocturnal Animals right this moment. Erm. The starting is.. "intriguing" as my brother puts it. It's been a long, strenuous week. Time to wind down.

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Wednesday Caved. Caved. 🙄 Bought this concealer cos I heard so much about it. It's only $10!? Okay this is a bit lame, I'm supposed to swatch the concealer but a concealer's job is to disappear into the skin (i.e. blend well) right? Means if you can't find the swatch it's a good thing? 😶 […]

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Good morning! Rise & Shine! ☀️ A friend sent me this yesterday.. HAHA. I mean.. it kinda sounds legit. Although tbh I can't be bothered with r/s whines on social media platforms cos I firmly believe if you have a problem with that person, Tell. That. Person. Cos it's the only constructive thing to do. […]

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Coffee-me-up! 😴☕️

Starting Thursday – 开工大吉! It's gonna be a chapalang Thursday post cos 开工大吉! It's been 5 days & the floodgates are wide open & I've been working all day since Thursday. Lunch was a quick moment at HK Cafe settling personal matters 😭 One journey home, two bag purchases. 🙄 Why you do this to […]

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Love Bonito x Refuel Cafe

Love Bonito #LoveBonito I'm really lucky this time around cos I picked two apparels that were both padded. How convenient! Aldis Pleated Midi Dress Teal, Size XS Bought this for the neckline cos the curves makes it so unique & feminine, its ingenious! & the teal is gorgeous cos it's basic like black but with […]

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