Love Bonito x Refuel Cafe

Love Bonito


I'm really lucky this time around cos I picked two apparels that were both padded. How convenient!

Aldis Pleated Midi Dress
Teal, Size XS

Bought this for the neckline cos the curves makes it so unique & feminine, its ingenious!

& the teal is gorgeous cos it's basic like black but with a lil oomph.

The pleats are of quality fabric, in fact I would say identical to the Rasine Pleated Dress. Not a piece for ironing (& not complaining).

And of cos, the low back is one of the highlights for this piece.

My usual size fits perfect!

Jarova Midi Jumpsuit
Black, Size XS

I am obsessed with the cut of this jumpsuit. THE PERFECT JUMPSUIT. That's a huge claim, but right now this is exactly how it feels.

Two side pockets & sturdy shoulder straps! Comfort comfort comfort. Can't ask for more.

I'm a sucker for cuts (& the tiniest details. HashtagVirgo)

(Left – Jarova Midi Jumpsuit)
This is without a bra, I think when it comes to certain tricky pieces it's always a dilemma. I have to rave abt how the padded top does not compromise on.. yah. 😱😱😱

The synched in waist band really helps with the support, so no airport runway even without proper undergarment. Definitely stick to your usual size, I think it looks (/supports) better fitted.

I am deeply in love with the front twist detail.

(Right – Aldis Pleated Midi Dress)
Look at how elegant it is from the neckline all the way down to the fitted waist (in my usual size) & slightly flared pleats.

So in love! 👍🏻

Refuel Cafe

Last day of my break today. 😢

Even though I love my job, having to start the engine again is like.. meh.

After Christmas and New Year and Chinese New Year ugh.

Mom loves eating, she's definitely a foodie.

So I figured I want to spend my last non-working day bringing her for brunch. After all, it's been a while.

The moment I mentioned "Let's go to a cafe! Have brunch! Coffee!".. Her eyes lit up and sparkled. & that made me really happy on the inside.

My mom's a stay-home-mom, and I just felt like doing something for her cos on most days she's keeping this house in order. She doesn't go out too much, & she spends very carefully, even though we all know she loves indulging in scrumptious meals.

She always puts us first in Every. Single. Thing.

And she asks nothing of us. Really.

Sometimes I wonder if there's anyone more selfless than her.

Anyway! I thought I wanted this rare break to end on a meaningful note.

& it did. & I'm glad.

Pesto Salmon

Smoked Salmon & Bacon, Pesto Scrambled Eggs on a bed of Mushroom, on Flat Bread

Bon Appétit!

The flavour combination here was right up my alley! I love pesto. Is it weird to love pesto? I find that I'm always loving the weirdest things, but I am quite an adventurous eater.

For example, I don't just eat but I LOVE (with a capital L-O-V-E):
– Black olives
– PARSLEY / Spring Onion
– Chicken skin 🙊
– Raw sliced onions

Etc etc etc

I'm getting excited!!!

Bacon & Mushroom Mac & Cheese

With 3 cheese. It's a tomato cream take on Mac & Cheese.

The bacon chunks & mushrooms inside were rather generous & such a treat.

It was a bit overly watery at the end but overall, yummy! I love the choice of shell pasta too!

BBQ Pulled Pork Burger


I think it's your standard pulled pork bun but the sesame top was so warm and soft and lovely. It was tasty nonetheless, the savoury mouthwatering pulled pork was beautifully marinated. It was not tough, but could be slightly more tender / melt in your mouth.

I wish I had more days like these.

Spending quality time with people that matters.


The conversations, and laughters.


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