Good morning! Rise & Shine! ☀️

A friend sent me this yesterday..


I mean.. it kinda sounds legit.

Although tbh I can't be bothered with r/s whines on social media platforms cos I firmly believe if you have a problem with that person, Tell. That. Person.

Cos it's the only constructive thing to do.

Telling everyone else BUT that person isn't going to give you a solution.

& if two person truly cared, Work. Things. Out.

For all you know, the person could be completely oblivious!


Okay Saturday!

My jumpsuits came!!! Woots woots!!! 🙌🏻

On Friday night, & I wanted to Dayre yesterday but I was so ill.

(Every week also like Christmas! Tsk tsk!)

Love Bonito


Jociera Pleated Layer Midi Jumpsuit
Size XS

💜 Material
Top: The pleats are of high quality (as always), even though it looks flowy & romantic, it actually holds its shape / waves at the hem rather nicely.
Bottom: Culottes section leans towards a more soft comfy fabric. It's not structured like a pair of formal work pants.
Both top & bottom are not stretchable.

💜 Size & Fit
I. Am. In. Between. Sizes.


It's okay if I'm an XS, or S. But a XS/S!?! C'mon really!?! 😭

In the XS, the PTP & straps are definitely too tight for my liking. About half a size too small if you ask me. My PTP is suffocating and the crisscrossed straps are totally rubbing against my collarbone. And, the waist is like.. comparable to one of my tightest dress. It's about half an inch too small, although zipping up was not an issue.

The culottes fits my frame perfect, and is extremely flattering.

Now here's the dilemma.

Jociera Pleated Layer Midi Jumpsuit
Size S

💜 Size & Fit
The top here was perfect! 👌🏻


The culottes was so baggy, no matter how I see it, I look like Ronald McDonald, and I kid you not. 😭😭😭

It's not just loose, it's the excess fabric around the crotch area front & back that makes it look absolutely ridiculous on me. 🙄🙄🙄

I can't do anything about a saggy looking crotch but I sure as hell can get on my post-cny detox pronto and fit my XS better. 😕

Sometimes I feel like I cannot grow up. 🙊🙈

#WhatsInMyBag ?

Things I love about Golf.


Or am I?

So adorbs!

I did managed to get a life. ☕️

Got given a Valentine's Day edition card with that venti ✌🏻

But I do have too many SB cards atm & I only use one! 😣


Been craving this since CNY. 😋

Aye. Now that the holidays are officially over, it's back to the grind. Full force. 😢 No more excuses.

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