New Friend 🐻🐝 x TungLok Teahouse πŸš‚ x Shopping for Necessities!

Spot new Friend! Hahahhah.

Actually, I only went ahead with the purchase cos the store owner said they were handmade by bedridden patients who couldn't leave their bed to find work, but yet they wanted them to still be able to earn a living. I wanted to give my support. To me it's $12, I could have spent it on a meal, a cab ride, or I may not even remember how I spent it.

I ask him how much of it would actually go to them, 60%. That's $7.20. Deal.

Here's the slip they handed me, thought I'll spread the word.

It's really well made. I had to compare individual pieces cos I had doubts if they were machine made, / a scam. But there are hints of minor deviations in the knitting. So, I'd like to believe them.

I've a weakness for cute plushies, even though I have no idea what to do with them (hence they just sit in my bags).

This is a bear dressed as a bee cos, quote my friend, I'm busy like a bee. 🐝

But so aborbs! 😍😍😍

TungLok Teahouse

Cute decor! 😍


Mushroom Buns πŸ˜±πŸ„πŸ’ž




Sneaky purchases! πŸ™ˆ

I find it extremely hard to resist comfy clothes these days! I bet I'll get more wear out of these than that tight dress hanging in the wardrobe.

That's how I justify. πŸ™Š

But really. Sportswear is THE BEST way to not look like I just rolled out of bed, when I did.

Put on some trainers and WALAz. I also look like I lead a damn healthy lifestyle when really,

I just rolled out of bed.


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