This is not gonna make any sense but my Brother got me hooked on NFL a while back and this is the play call wristband thingy on Tom Brady. WHUT. There are 45 different calls and it's all random words!?! 😳😳😳 But side note, quarterbacks are so hot tho. Loll. Bro made breakfast for me […]

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✅ Pack bed ✅ Wipe desk & floor ✅ Wipe vanity desk ✅ Dettol wipe laptop I'm allergic to & I hate dust. Still having flu from yesterday so I'm hoping a bit of cleaning will help. 😷 Gonna shower & pen down a to-do list cos I feel like I've got a lot on […]

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Love Bonito #LoveBonito Pomilly Pleated Wide Leg Pants Seafoam, Size XS First time in my 3-4 years of buying LB, I got sent the wrong order!!! 😭 I initially thought I carted the wrong color cos sometimes I do a chop chop purchase when I'm busy. Ordered the grey and got delivered seafoam 😕 Size […]

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