Current Fav ☕️: Mellower Coffee Singapore

Wake up, don't wake up, wake up, don't wake up.


Clean shoes! ✨

Coffee, Tea, or.. Coffee.

Café Miel @ Paul Bakery, Takashimaya

That's coffee & honey & cinnamon powder btw. Yums, really warms the belly. ☕️

Was chatting with a friend & realised the last time I stepped into a theatre was June 2016, for Finding Dory.

Oh my 天. 🤕

But it was at Capitol Theatre & that place is so so so gorgeous! The most glamorous movie theatre I've been!

Current fav place for coffee atm is:

Mellower Coffee Singapore

Along Robinson Road. I love the vibe, it's really pretty yet serene. I can hear my thoughts there, or wind down.

I love the mildly bitter taste from the coffee, with raw sugar, and veggie pie with no peas. I love the fillings, and it taste nothing like Starbucks – frozen.



Shopping? 👟👟👟

Quite tempted to buy shoes lately. 😍

But I do have too many pairs (shoes & flats), 1 Nike, 4 Adidas, 2 Melissa's (, 1 Havaianas, 2 Fayth slip ons, 2 strappy Charles & Keith's) etc etc etc. 😨

Been wearing shoes / sneakers (/ sandals) a lot, either old liao / I'm glad that's the trend still. 😄

Temptations temptations..

Chuck Taylor Office x #Converse Spring Blossom Pack

🍰 Blueberry Maple Cake @ Cedele

I've been craving dessert recently & thats odd. Never been much of a dessert person. 🤔


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