Love Bonito


Pomilly Pleated Wide Leg Pants
Seafoam, Size XS

First time in my 3-4 years of buying LB, I got sent the wrong order!!! 😭 I initially thought I carted the wrong color cos sometimes I do a chop chop purchase when I'm busy.

Ordered the grey and got delivered seafoam 😕

Size wise, definitely size up. This is TOO snug at the waist, even without eating! Imagine lunch. But the bum looks damn fitted and nice lah, so. Gotta sacrifice one or the other.

The pleats are pretty, not flimsy soft. No pockets, WHYYY. 😱 Pants without pockets should totally be a crime.

Gonna return this cos.. Color 🙅🏻 for me, size 🙅🏻🙅🏻. Meh.

Caitriona Sash Denim Culottes
White, Size XS

I'm happy with this buy. Most white pants from LB is sheer, even under regular light. So when I saw DENIM, I immediately carted it out! 🎉

My usual size fit with no allowance at the waist, but the butt region does not look saggy, so I'm keeping this size. Except, really cannot get any fatter if not confirm cannot wear anymore! 😭

Material is rather thick, even thicker than my jeggings (i.e. Topshop's jeans-leggings). Not stretchy at all. It's like the old school tough denim kind of material. It does give off a more casual vibe because of that, not so sleek polish office look. But.. white always look clean so I will wear it to my office anyways! Maybe on Fridays. 😈


LB restocked & I carted this out.

Then I realised I'm also wearing the Follaine Off Shoulder Dress right now. Which is, too coincidentally similar in style.

I guess I'm in the mood for some girly off shoulder layered / tiered (what do you call that flap anyways!?) sweet pieces.


Which is.. not always my cup of tea. Until recently. Omg.

But anyways! This will be a comfy piece and THAT'S DEFINITELY ME! 🎉

Also.. this came last night & I'm EXCITED!!! 😍😍😍

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