Rise & Shine Everyone! x Portico Prime

It's usually Rise & Grind but today feels like a Rise & Shine kinda mood ☀️

But I've some stuff to do later so Rise & Shine & Grind! 🙆🏻 *Stretch* *Yawn* *Lion'sRoar*


Bought a bunch of Sally Hansen Polish the other day cos it was a good deal.

$16.90 for the Miracle Gel set (color + top coat) when the usual is $16.90 a color.

Grab! That's like $8.45 a bottle of Sally Hansen polish.

I figured even if it didn't last like gelish (which, it didn't quite), it will still be affordable regular polish.

The applicator is quite awesome tho, it's super flat and wide. But the rectangular body makes it really awkward to wipe down excess polish from the side while removing it from the bottle.

1 coat of color was definitely sheer & streaky, but 2 coats worked just fine. With the top coat, I actually really liked the overall finish. It was glossy & looked professionally done.

Except cos maybe it's a gel formula it def took a lot longer to dry down. It was okay to touch but will still be dented with pressure even after a day.

As a gelish polish? 🙅🏻 As a better than average regular polish? 🤷🏻‍♀️ @ $8.45 a decently sized bottle, why not 🤷🏻‍♀️


Omg. So I slept until 6pm today.


A little throwback to yesterday cos I had such a fun time!

My morning started out with Sakura themed cakes & I'm not complaining.

Everything is themed Sakura, so it's all pretty in pink! I love it! 🌸

Portico Prime

Dinner was at a steakhouse, it's been a long time since my last wine & steak sess! 🍽🐮🍷

Met up with some peeps there.

I was totally early so I got to chill with music for a bit. 💞

I really liked the ambience!

First up was a Burrata Cheese Salad with Parma Ham & Rock Melon. 🍈

Even though the Burrata Cheese was not as creamy at The Coastal Settlement's, the flavour combination made it such a great starter. With Cava as well, it was a night of celebration. 🥂

Celebrating our well deserved T.G.I.F that is. 😉🍾

We also had Foie Gras, I mean c'mon.. Foie Gras. That's the bomb, hits me in the right spot every time! 😋

Accompanied with beetroot purée, strawberries, bananas, blueberries.. 🍓🍌

We ordered a medium-rare USDA Aurora Ribeye..

And a Signature Thomas Food Tenderloin..

And it was done to perfection. It could be slightly warmer, and could use a dash of salt more. But it was good steak nevertheless. The fried garlic definitely highlighted the aroma, and the jus was soooooo damn good. 💦

Ended dinner with two bottles of Cab Sauv & all was good. ☺️


& like everyone else I was so looking forward to BATB, so we got tix in advance and.. were so late trying to catch it cos we got the time wrong!

Show started at 11.10pm and at 11pm we were still.. merry. 😂

Thank goodness for ads, we managed to sit at 11.40pm & I don't think we missed that much.

Sadly though, I thought that it wasn't quite up to expectations. With Emma Watson in the show I expected a whole lot more deeper dialogues & wise words but it was kept very Disney.

I actually feel asleep & woke up in time to catch the happy ending. Then again, could be the wine too. 😶

Had Round 3 and we went for beer & pool. 🍻

Boy, what a Friday. 🎉

Love Bonito

Last but not least, a LB review.

I love this dress!


I initially thought it was neoprene material, & monochrome. But the lines are actually in red, mauve & black I think. The material is sorta crepe, and lined, and extremely comfy even though it has no stretch. Concealed back zip, and no pockets. The neckline I feel is so flattering and the midi length is perfect for work.

Size wise, my usual XS fitted snug at the top but very comfy at the PTP, no pit fats on this one. Around the hips it's a little less fitted and I observed that it does tend to ride up and bunch around the hips. A little tug would put it back in place since it wasn't hugging my body too tight.

I super love this piece!!!

That's all for today! I'm gonna go catch a show, wind down, and sleep some more 🙊💤


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