This is not gonna make any sense but my Brother got me hooked on NFL a while back and this is the play call wristband thingy on Tom Brady.


There are 45 different calls and it's all random words!?! 😳😳😳

But side note, quarterbacks are so hot tho. Loll.

Bro made breakfast for me today. 💞 So thankful for everyone at home that can cook.. cos I can't.

Not even if my life depended on it. 🔪


Refuel Cafe

Back at Refuel Cafe today cos Mom was craving, and it's a Sunday, and I need a cuppa. ☕️

Sundays need to be like dis.

Pulled pork burger like previously

Tried the Creamy Shrimps & Mussels this time around, it's like carbonara infused with tom yum & we actually really enjoyed it. 👍🏻 It was a pleasant twist.

Much needed

Dose of sugar for my Sunday. 💞

Waffle ice cream cravings, ✅


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