Friday Night πŸŒ™

New found love.

Wagyu Sushi!?!

Posted this on ig story & I've had at least 5 enquires!

It's so so so so good!

I've always loved sushi & sashimi, but Wagyu!?!

It's fresh & tender like fish, but without the fishy taste.

It's better than fish! πŸ˜‹

Died & went to food heaven.


Saturday's outfit.

This is called, no make up still wanna OOTD 🀣

Actually no lah, I was waiting for my dad and I got bored so I asked my Mun to take for me. πŸ“·

For fun. I don't usually use my iPhone camera but it turned out decent ley. So it went up on insta haha.


Once, I posted on this handicraft bee-bear that I got..

Basically, for people who are bed-bounded, and unable to leave for work, this helps them earn additional income.

Which I support cos I rather help someone who's helping themselves.

Not like just ask for money.

And the bee was really cute and my Mom loved it, and it so happened that the pop up store was back on Saturday, at Orchard Gateway, Level 1.

So I let her choose one, turns out she like the pig. Haha. 🐽

I told my Mum "I chose the bee cos I busy like a bee, you eat sleep eat sleep like pig?? 🀣"

I'm not being rude, my family just jokes damn a lot lol.

Oh yah, and I went for facial. And I had maggie mee hair cos I tied my hair into a French braid.

Tot it looked quite old school.

Brought my parents for round two this time and they loved it! We had chicken skewers, beef & pork hotpot (everyone loved the broth), foie gras chawanmushi again, and the 9 piece sushi.

Dad loved the wasabi, if I'm not mistaken, it's fresh wasabi, which is so rare, especially at this price point.

Tbh, it's not pricy at all. My parents guessed $150, but it was only $94 for the 3 of us!?!

Food was fresh, even the condiments. It's super value for money omg. πŸ‘πŸ»

Must try omg.





I really really really love the color!!!!!!!!!



Random but, munching on Laduree first thing Sunday morning feels very.. pampered.

Nubbad. ☺️

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