DIY x 👰🏻🤵🏻 x Wheeler’s Estate x Carousel

Weekend Project!

This just happened!

I'm usually throwing things around on weekdays and I like to sort my stuff out on weekends..

But my accessoriessssssss. #lastwarning

So I kinda just went along with a spare photo frame from Ikea and made this and I love it!

Now I can see everything at one go and it's so much easier to pick it out for outfits! 🎉🎉🎉

Close up! I made plaits so I can pin the earrings in!



Spent Saturday evening celebrating a close friend's wedding! 🎉

At my age weddings can be quite numbing cos there's just so many in a year.. but once in awhile there's that one that I actually look forward to, & this was one of it!



Wheeler's Estate 🍷

New place to chill! The band was really, really awesome! 🎶

Boyband songs on repeat! ✔️

In the midst of trying to get my Carousel sorted.

It's time again! But I do think it's gonna take a while.. Super busy recently!!! 😭

If it interests anyone, I usually sell these labels..

Should I start posting other brands too like #Forever21, #Nike, #Zara? I always feel like there's no demand for those 🤔 But I dk what to do with these preloved apparels otherwise. 😕

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