Feeling very drugged.

Flu ✔️
Fever ✔️
Sore throat ✔️
Cramp ✔️
Diarrhoea ✔️
Deathbed ✔️

This is me since Saturday and I can't recover.

& I'm back at work cos I really need to be.

& I'm feeling whiny, and drained. Demoralised. And whiny. And drained.

I just want to feel better NOW cos I've so much to get done I don't have time. 😭

This is my dilemma. I think I'm heaty (fever sore throat) which means I need to take more liang (cooling) stuff like liang teh (herbal tea/ cooling water).

But I'm having my period means I can't take cooling stuff.

How now brown cow.

And cos I can't seem to solve either problems, I wake up at 4am daily cos I feel so uncomfortable I can't sleep. Which leads to exhaustion, and flu.


I'm dying confirm.

And God knows what I've eaten cos I came back from lunch with a random diarrhoea. 😓

And cos idk what else to do, I've been taking pills as needed, and now I'm feeling slightly high and very drugged.

Let's not forget I have work to clear.

So, I'm in a vicious cycle, and I'm being completely whiny about it.

And I've decided to vent on my Dayre. Haha.

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