Saturday Shenanigans 🤗

Started the day with a much needed facial, soo relaxing!

I love pamper sessions!

My face is terrible with stress so every time life gets hectic, my skin 💣💣💣


But I love my skin after facials!

So soft and smooth! It's all dewy and shit. Like Korean healthy skin.

But for like the next 5 hours or so only. 😂

Idk if can see but..

Flawless! Albeit with filter lah.

But still.

En route 🚗 🚗 🚗💨

Wine Fiesta 2017!

First time at a wine fiesta, but SG weather omg. It was impossible to enjoy wine tasting in this heat!

I miss vineyard hopping in Waiheke, New Zealand. No crowd, good 15 deg weather, wine & cheese.. great scenery too!

There was a ton of wines from various countries. I remembered seeing the usual,

New Zealand

And the unusual,


Which I quickly decided to give a miss.


India weather can grow good grapes meh!?! Idk 🤷🏻‍♀️

There was food, and anything melty cheese always looks good!


Too many people.

We bumped into this guy & his friends who were from Greece, and exchanged a couple of opinions & pointers.

Ok he found us. But one thing I like about non-Asian culture is their enthusiasm in meeting new people. & their ability to open up really quickly and have relevant conversations. So from there we spoke about travel destinations etc, and all was good.

The weather could be better though.

We ended up with a bottle of the Yarra Valley Shiraz just to get away from the crowd.

Not usually a Shiraz fan but this was fruity and easy to drink. Nice medium body as well.

Something about the greenery + view of MBS, wine in hand, and meeting new people & having easy breezy conversations, made me feel like taking off into a foreign (or not so foreign) land.

I think I just miss travelling / escaping / getting lost.

And of cos, a bottle of wine and > 10 samples later, FOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!

Had to.


We were slightly buzzed by the end of it, so LUCKILY we made reservations at Shang Pin Hot Pot prior!

This place had so much hype amongst my steamboat friends!

And the verdict is: ONE MILLION THUMBS UP! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

A lot of people loved the tomato soup at HDL, I don't fancy it, but over here, it gets the YES from me!

Apart from that I do think the basic chicken soup trashes HDL's.

Mala was slightly better, but better still!

& if I'm not wrong, the price also better 😂

Imo lah. I thought we ordered quite a lot but the bill came out to around $115?

HDL easily > $100. 🤦🏻‍♀️

So yaaaasssss! I had so much fun this Saturday! Should definitely check out more local events from now yay! 💞

Oh, we also impromptu decided to go party after LOL.

Thank goodness it was Halloween cos:

1. I went with after facial (almost) no make up face.


2. I was dressed in what I called the "I-just-came-from-a-wine-fest" outfit. It was hot. (Literally, earlier)

It was not a good sight. 🤣🤣

So LUCKILY, it was Halloween. Maybe people think we intentionally looked this way? Hahahahahha. Besides, some of them looked "dead". 👻💀☠️ All's good. All's good. 😂 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

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