Updated my #Carousell πŸŽ‰

Most items have been worn only once / twice. My new strategy is to sell as fast as I buy πŸ˜‚ Or try to. ζ—§ηš„δΈεŽ», ζ–°ηš„δΈζ₯! Wahahahaha! But also cos if I

+1, -1


+2, -1

my closet should remain manageable! πŸ™Š

This time I've posted items from #LoveBonito #TheEditorsMarket #Zara


Carousell handle: @carrmenntann

That's it! I'm going on a diet!

I feel like I've been letting myself go for quiet a bit lately! I find all sorts of excuses just to avoid reality, like, I'm working hard I need the good food comfort! But I really have been gaining weight, significantly visually as well. So, while my tummy is extremely happy, I FREAKING CANNOT BREATHE IN MOST OF MY CLOTHES! If I wear a fitted dress I can't breathe, if I wear my pants I feel like a dumpling! Ugh! & changing my entire wardrobe is just too costly. DIET TIME. Sigh.

Office situation.

I've topped up on healthy snacks, oatmeal to keep away the hunger pangs and impulsive snacking. Baked nuts for itchy mouth.

There's still one Mamee left tho heh.

But yeah! Step uno! Now gotta stock up on salad stuff so I can start on my homemade salads / meals again! πŸ’ͺ🏻

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