Funny Carousell People

This made my blood boil a little this morning. Enough for me to miss my level at the office.

Seriously bro.

$17 for $28? This is not even some chapalang piece, it's like a proper decent good quality Zara blouse.

And the only reason I'm clearing it is because my attention span is rather short, unless it's a classic piece, I usually buy bcos I like it, wear it, and then get over it really quickly. So more often than not I'm looking out for buyers even before I get sick of it.

I'm not pasar malam!?!

In fact, I've encountered really sincere buyers and sold off pieces at like $3.50 cos I threw in a freebie cos she was so nice (so it was like $10 for 2 pieces and I paid for postage which was $2.50).

I always cover postage, even if it means at the end of the day the parcel is heavier than expected and I have to pay more. I.e. Thinning my profit margin. I just want to 1. Clear space in my wardrobe. 2. Let these pre-loved pieces go to better homes.

But when I meet people like this I'm like? Very confused. I mean if you told me a sob story I am more likely to consider, than if you wham-bam here's "$17". I don't need $17.


Typing on the keyboard like I'm playing the piano.

Just received a terrible news.

My world shook.

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