I slept at 9.15pm yesterday.. and I only just woke up (7am).. it has been almost 10 hours of sleep 😱


Hahahhahahah. Everyone's overseas right now.

And by everyone, I mean, all my kakis!!! 😭

My table calendar is a mess cos I marked out dates people won't be around (to keep track of who to cover / jio for lunch), and I'm running out of space to strike 😭

No one left!!! In fact the entire row opposite me is, EMPTY. Horrified.

& like 80% of my non-work friends are also not in SG.

Sad. I feel:
2. Without a life. 😢

Anyway, the relevance of that picture is.. my gf who's in Japan currently is complaining about how much she wants to come home!?! WHUT.

Like she desperately miss home.


If it's me.

I don't think I'll ever wanna come back.

I'm not a huge Japan fan but like, I really really REALLY love to travel. Explore. Get lost in a foreign city. 😢

Why does my office's toilet cubicle often smell fishy.

This is damn jia lat. Gagging aside..

Which girl smell like fish omg. I'm actually worried for that person.

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