My (Food) Week in Recap 😋

Guys, I’ve so much work to clear, it’s not even funny.

I’m consolidating my to-do list now. Ugh.

I’ve easily 20 items to clear. Cries!

But let’s just Dayre anyways! 😂🤭

Weird Eye. 👀

Went for facial.

My eyelids are damn weird now.

I’ve always been 100% mono-lid, but one of them decided to FOLD recently!? & It’s not even a full fold. UGH.

I like the fold lah (cos it’s nicely parallel) but like.. CAN BOTH EYES?! 😩

How now brown cow..

🥒🥦🥑 The Salad Corner; Last Thursday’s lunch.

Found a new salad place near my building!

#TheSaladCorner @ GSH building if you’re in CBD. Shiok cos they’ve warm and cold options and the queue is very reasonable compared to other salad places around here.

I like the brown rice & sous vide egg. The basil garlic dressing is very tasty too! 😋

#DayreFatties #DayreFoodies

🍴🥩🍷 Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill; Last Thursday’s Dinner! 👩🏻👩🏻👩🏻

A good old American hideout tucked in a little corner of Tanglin Place.

We loved the vibe. It was a good place to chill and catchup, but more than that, the food was great!

Steak & wine! The wine was substandard though.

But the steak was really good for its price, tender and juicy 💦💦💦 hahahha. It came up to be about $30/pax with the Entertainer App. The deal was either one-for-one mains, or one-for-one drinks.

But being the angels that we were, we had both deals.

(Or we may have harassed the waiter 😂)

Okay we didn’t. But we asked numerous times, more so because it was fun teasing the poor staff who couldn’t find the answers to our ridiculous logic.

In the end they were so sweet to give it to us anyways and we were so pleased. #CheapThrill


🍲 City Hot Pot Shabu Shabu; Last Friday’s Lunch.

Also! If you’re in the CBD area, #CityHotPot is a great place for individual steamboat!

My favourite is the Signature Wagyu Beef with Mala Soup. Or the Pork Collar, depending on my mood.

Deal here is, if you’re able to eat between 11.30am – 12.30pm, you get 20% off your bill LOL. (Which, thus far has been impossible for us lah cos we dilly dally sooooo much 😂😭😂).

& it’s at ORP too which is extremely inconvenient for most folks here! Lazy OL syndrome 🤭

On a very happy note, #golf Saturdays have resumed! Albeit temporarily.

It’s been toooooooo long, even my muscle memory no longer exist lol.

So I practiced until I blistered heh! But towards the end of it it was significantly less embarrassing. Phew.

Really need to practice more, but omg time is always so tight! I always feel like there’s soooo many things to get done. & all of it seem like priorities!?! 😭

☕️🍳🥑🥗 Wildseed Cafe & Bar; Last Saturday’s Brunch 😋

& of cos, mandatory brunch after. #Wildseed

I really loved the vibe of this place, and how it’s rather secluded @ Seletar Aerospace (3 Park Lane).

BUT. The food so so only. It’s nubbad, just not fantastic. Service was soooooooooooo mediocre. Like seriously. It’s one of those they can ignore you they’ll ignore you. & the ratio of staff is not even that bad, like they weren’t overwhelmed.

• Pumpkin Cous Cous (half of us liked it, half didn’t)

• Wholly Molly Avocado (we liked it)

• Beef Patty smthg (the eggplant or whatever that was, was weird lol)

• Belgium Waffles with Vanilla Soft Serve and Caramelised Apple & Cranberry (WAS SO BAD)

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. But the coffee was good. So.. yeah. I think try the other F&B outlets there instead lol. 🤭

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