Black Friday Shopping x Weekend-ish Recap

Whoo! I think I managed Black Friday shopping pretty well this year. I’ve a few big bills coming up so I had to make sure I didn’t 💣 my bank account.

Got a couple of CK bralettes and topped up on 3 pairs of work flats. I would categorise them all as necessities! 😉

If anyone’s still doing Sunday shopping, these are the goodies:

(Btw Cyber Monday will be coming up LOL)

#CharlesAndKeith just has the #BlackFriday Sales tab.

There’s quite a lot of stuff at good prices, but the more common sizes are very much OOS.

#ASOS has 20% off EVERYTHING with code: WIN20

Means, even on the Sale & Outlet tabs! Means, sale on sale. Prices can get pretty awesome!

Also, ASOS has free shipping & returns from SG, so.. really why not 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

#Zalora had a tiering system based on spendings so I got 35% off (highest) with code: CYBER35

But I think that might be over, & this is the current BF / CM deal. 🤔

If you’re looking for a #DanielWellington watch, personally I love the free strap deal. I have 3 DW watches, and every time I get a free strap I can swoop out the old pair’s and I feel like I’ve 2 new watches instead!

They usually release the free strap promo for Black Friday / Christmas, so now’s definitely a good time to consider.

* All collection go with an extra free strap
* All Dapper collection has 25% Off
* On top, additional 15% Off with code: 15jasmine

You’re welcome! 😂😂😂

If you’re in town for a new pair of shoes, especially boots / booties!

#PublicDesire is having 30% Off sitewide with code: 30CYBER

Did I mention how much I love sitewide codes!!! Cos deal on deal, sale on sale. LOVEEEEE.

#Reebonz has in-built codes, 20% cash back with min. $800 spending, or 25% credit back.

I don’t usually believe in the “Up to 90% Off” cos it’s usually those rubbish items.

There isn’t much goodie left, but still worth a look.

On an on&off basis the codes are usually 15% – 18% with min. $800 spending. I’ve seen 20% – 25% around this period to NYE/NY sales. 18% Off for Bday months with no min. spending.

You be the judge!

Ahhhhh there’s exclusive deals from 3 – 9pm, I should check that out 🙈

Thursday Night! 🍻

Caught up with a few people last Thursday!

We def had one drink too many for a weekday night.

BUT. Food at #SuperLoco @ Customs House was so damn good! I love the Mexican flavours! My personal favourite is the beef platter to share! Juicy!


You MUST see how good the food looks! The steak is glistening!! 😍


Farewell lunch on Friday.

I’ve my new favourite Duck! / Chinese Restaurant!

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck @ Paragon!

Usually Chinese restaurants have a few signature dishes, but the rest of the dishes are pretty mediocre.

I’ve dined at a lot of Imperial Treasure outlets but not this one. This specialises in Peking Duck. Although, the duck at Ion basement is already yummy. But this one….. is a whole new level! AND EVERYTHING was on point! I am so impressed tbh. And I was a happy bird!

The price was also very very reasonable. We had roasted pork, a whole Duck, lots of dim sum, carrot cake, three egg spinach etc and it was about $1.5K for 4 tables of 10 pax. That’s about $40/pax and considering how much we ate, + private room, + really good quality food & service..

For sure a place I’ll revisit. I think it’ll be perfect for family gatherings / occasions / dinners. 👍🏻

Highly highly recommend!

That aside though, Friday was actually a very very sad & emotional day for a lot of us. Or all of us to be exact.

Our dearest boss, one of the most inspiring & respected person I’ve ever worked with & for, has moved on to explore another chapter of his career.

I very quickly grew fond of him, and his leadership, albeit our short journey together.

He was, inside out, someone who truly and sincerely cared for his people. And that’s a rare find in my industry.

There’s so much unspoken words, but in essence I came across this and I thought it put a lot of how I’m thinking & feeling into words accurately:

“Other bosses give orders, you gave us direction. Other bosses give targets, you gave us a vision. Other bosses lead by authority, you have led us by respect.”

I am someone who’s slow to accept a new person into my life. Friend, colleague, boss, whatever the relationship. But in the short tenure, with actions and not words, he has shown me his principles and values, the morals he has grounded himself with. There’s so much I’ve observed about him, and with that, he has gained my upmost respect. Something I very rarely extend in this working environment.

I believe we have a responsibility to live life to the fullest. And sometimes we make decisions not because we want to, but because we have to.

We are all happy for him, I am. I understand why he did what he did. I know that God will continue to bless him, and his family. A great person / leader like him deserves only the very best. No longer my boss, but always a friend & mentor. I’m so gonna miss him! 😢

And with that I ended a very long week with facial Friday night. I know it’s looking like I’m spamming facials lol. I’m making it a point to reverse the effects of work this year (its one of my resolution & the year’s coming to an end!).

Yea.. I make resolutions every year end, I’m one of those people 🙈 I think it gives me a guide for what I want to achieve in the upcoming year, and also to ensure I’m on track as I check-in from time to time throughout the year. It’s like a conscious effort not to be stagnant, or complacent.

But back to the facial! Haha. I think my skin is improving a little! Breakouts are relatively controllable except for that unnecessary time of the month, and my skin is visibly brighter. Fingers crossed I don’t jinx it 😭

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