Current situation in the tub 🛁

Def overdid on the bubbles there. 🤦🏻‍♀️

I am drowning
I am drowning
I am drowning

Weekend Woes

Fell really ill over the weekend. I’m still sneezing but I don’t think I’m gonna die anymore.

Spent today cleaning the entire house. Changed bedsheets etc yada yada cos I figured if I don’t I can’t recover. I’m really sensitive to dust. And I OCD.

So yeah! Feeling extremely satisfied so I’m treating myself to a bubble bath to open ‘em pores and get all the sick out! 💪🏻

Gonna do a mini haul while I’m at it

Every end of year I spend soooooo much! That’s when all the good deals roll in.

Black Friday
Cyber Monday
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Boxing Day
New Year Eve
New Year

It’s the best time to stock up on necessities!?

& we all know that list goes on.. and on..

Clothes, shoes, bags, undergarments, accessories..
Toiletries, Skincare, Make up..

Don’t get me started on Chinese New Year outfits.

Beauty Fresh Haul

Quite proud of myself this time around

Discipline, checked! ✔️

This is sort of a re-purchase.

I used to think (cos I heard) that #SKII products are really strong and once you get started on it you can’t go back.

I also did try their 7 or 14 day trial size back in JC, guaranteed difference.. which.. I didn’t see anything!?!

So I never thought about it until recently.

A lot of people I know rave about this, and the discount was so good I figured okay I’m gonna give it another shot.


I LOVE IT 🤦🏻‍♀️

I bought the welcome set that came with a mask previously, cos I didn’t trust the creams yet. My skin is very temperamental and sensitive.

But that turned out really well so this time around I got the R.N.A Cream to see if I can add to my night regime.

I like how the essence is very easily absorbed, and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling which makes it perfect before make up. On most days I just pour it on my palms and pat it in. I’m super chop chop kind on a work day. On mask days I use the lotion on a cotton pad to wipe my entire face, then pat the pitera in.

On special occasions I use the mask. Cos it’s like damn expensive. After discount mine’s $10.90 a piece, AFTER DISCOUNT. Omg.

But I really do see a difference, and I’ve only been using it for like.. 2-3 months? I know gfs who’ve used it for years and please, they look younger and younger each year. What sorcery is this!?!


Added another #JoMalone to my collection.

This is the Blackberry & Bay which I’ve been eyeing for a while.

Now I’ve like 5 full sized bottles, and one 30ml.

Tbh, Jo Malone sucks at lasting.

But the bottle is pretty.

The scent is unique, it’s not like in-your-face perfume. It has a lot of delicate notes layered tgt making the end scent v sophisticated.

And it’s one of the few fragrances that’s designed to be layered with each other, however you like.

So I like to collect Jo Malones loh haha. Seeing the bottles in a row makes me very happy indeed. 🤗

Hand creams are necessities when you work in the office all day.

I’ve just been very much into rose scented stuff lately.

Needed a new compact powder cos my Laura Mercier one broke into a million pieces. Decided to give this a try.

Difference between the two:
While they are both translucent.

The Laura Mercier one is definitely more powdery. It also has a stronger staying power, keeps the skin matte for much much longer.

The #NARS one is significantly less powdery. It has almost nth at all, and at first I thought it had expired. My face shined really quickly. But one fascinating thing about this powder is that it has light reflecting properties which seems to make pores less visible. It’s a very slight sheen. So it does brighten up areas under the eyes, and it is extremely flattering.

This is after swiping on it pretty roughly.

The Laura Mercier one would have coated my finger with dust.

But there’s that sheen.

Haven’t figured out if I like this yet. I think the ideal combination would be to set my face with the LM powder, then under the eyes with this NARS one.

YouTube has been loving #TomFord make up so I picked up a lippie to try. I’ve a soft spot for lipsticks. Freaking one pair of lips but so many lip products!?!

Anyway! The packaging is soooooo chic! There’s a weight to it and a very expensive click sound when you snap it close.

The bullet smells like baked vanilla. & there’s the TF print on the tip.


I got it in Flamingo. I was debating whether to get a nude shade or a pop of color and ended up choosing the latter because I feel like at that price point I want smthg that will stand out. & if I like it enough I will expand towards nudes for daily wear.

Not gonna pay so much for something to make my lips look like “my lips but better” 😂

This is a swatch of the pink. I like it!

It’s pink but not too Barbie, and not too peachy. It matches my skin tone too! Yay!

It’s bright and youthful, and fun! Just the way I like my pinks. Formula wise, it glides on beautifully. But I haven’t worn it for long enough to know if it’s long lasting / drying. Will see how I get on with that overtime. But for now! Def worth the pamper. 👍🏻


I’m currently watching Beyond Borders on Netflix by Angelina Jolie.

And I’m craving chocolates.

It’s been a long day.

I’ve just finished Season 2 Episode 8 of Designated Survivor. It’s like a Suit-ish show but White House version. Really loving these 2 series and I’m a slave to it! 😭 So while I wait on new episodes to air, I might just start on Stranger Things. 🤔 It is really that good???

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