Favourite hideout

This is the Lychee Dolce smthg, or Rose Dolce smthg but it’s like Lychee smoothie without the ice. It’s really sweet. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

#TWG #DayreFatties

Toilet selfies cos no more time to ootd

Anw point is. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a more flattering neckline than this!?

New discovery. Haha

Usually is narrower and low-ish, or wider and higher. Am I making sense? But this is wider than usual, yet on the lower side. Ok I’m crazy. But it’s really pretty on! Quite elegant. I like!

Tarte Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette 🎨

I think I will say that Tarte’s eyeshadows are my favourite hands down.

It’s easy to blend. It’s soft. The colours are pretty, pigmentation is good. The price with a good discount code on it is very reasonable. It’s high quality and affordable.

I already have the Tartelette in Bloom Palette & it’s my most used eyeshadow palette. So I figured why not get the pro size cos really, price / number of eyeshadows, it’s cheaper (per color) compared to a lot of other brands.

(Btw I just checked, it’s $82 full price on Sephora. That’s $4.10 a pod. Maybelline / L’Oréal usually sells a palette of 3 pods? That’s $12.30. With a discount, say 20%, it’s $3.28 a pod, and $9.84 a palette of 3. Confirm cheaper than drugstore! Plus I can assure you the quality is 7368369163x better! See, good deal. Pay more for drugstore, or less for Tarte. Plus there’s a good mix of neutrals/crease color, pop of color, glitter/shimmer for drama. It’s a wholesome palette.)

And that mirror! 🤣

I actually do have swatches but I don’t know if I should attempt naming/labelling all of them 😱

#Tarte #DayreBeauty

I am most impressed by the shimmer shades, even though I very rarely wear them.

I can’t decide between the Glam, Minx, and Trendy!

Actually, looking at the swatches, there’s so many ways to mix & match the colors!

Base: Classic, Vintage
Crease: Chic, Indie, Bold
Darken Crease: Fierce, Profesh
Outer-V: Edgy, Smoked, Vamp
Lash Line: Smoked, Punk
Pop of Color: Whimsy, No Filter, Mod, Drama
Ball of the Lid: Ethereal, Glam, Minx, Trendy
Inner Corner: Classic, Vintage, Glam

Eyebrow: Indie, Profesh, Punk
Contour: Indie
Highlight: Vintage, Glam

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