Paid back my sleep debt!

Had a very hectic 2017, and it seemed like this was the case for quite a few people.

Anyways! I finally had the time (and mood) to sleep, and sleep I did.

I SLEPT > 16 HOURS IN 24 hrs!?!

I slept like 4am – 1pm (Friday night)
Then 5pm – 1am 😱

Then 6am – 12pm (Saturday night), which is another 6 hours omfg.

But I’m mighty satisfied cos I feel like I’m backkkkk!!! I’ve been so zombied pretty much the entire Dec.

Grocery Haul

Got carried away with grocery shopping earlier 🤭

It was not the haul I meant to do.. but I did picked up a few stuff I love.


Cravings for soda water cos I’m feeling fancy. Haha. My lil bro was like:

👩🏻: Will you kill me if I got these?
👦🏻: Yes.
👩🏻: Why!!


I got them anyway. 😈

👩🏻: I should get these right!
👦🏻: *Looks at price* No.
👩🏻: Why!!!
👦🏻: You don’t need!!!
👩🏻: It’s $3.40 for 2! That’s $1.70 each! SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN STARBUCKS.

Got those too. 😏

Seriously though, these taste like watermelon juice it’s DAMN GOOD. I like to leave them in the fridge and grab & go whenever. Refreshing!

I was also craving for salsa, this and sriracha.. sweet, tangy and spicy. Awesome.

I also love both the cheese and guacamole flavours. But heaty!

Decided to give this a go cos packaging. Sucker for packaging.

If Dijon mustard is too sharp, and honey mustard is too sweet. This is a good in-between. Think mayo + Dijon. 👍🏻

And this is for the me who can’t cook.

We got a new microwave.

So this is where this is going.

I’m abusing the s*** out of that machine.

I think like the laziest way this could be done is to mix the packet with water, milk, butter and microwave 8 mins. I can do that.

Or you can make it all fancy and actually cook that thing but er, no thanks!


Now! To the actual #haul

I got gifted this overnight mask from Japan. It’s very much like the Laneige overnight mask, except with tiny beads in it!

I know everyone raves about the Laneige one but after using that (many tubs) and this (a couple of times) and Skin Inc’s Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask (a couple of times).. they all feel quite the same!

The skin is more hydrated, and plumper in the day.

If I HAD to rank them then I guess..
1. Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask (cos it’s super hydrating, & I wake up with amazing skin texture)
2. #Elixir Sleeping Clear Pack (cos it’s a lighter consistency)
3. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (its sticky, but still hydrating lah)


My shoes have also arrived since the last time I posted about ordering them! Yay!

It was a happy unboxing!


How gorg!!! To everyone who encouraged me to get it.

NO REGRETS! Thank you thank you thank you! Looking at it makes me SO HAPPY!

If you’re wondering, it’s true to size and very comfy indeed. Like they all tell me, I did not regret it.

Plus it came with a shoe bag with the #ToryBurch gold metal logo tab, so pretty!

Pink box!?! I’M SOLD. Now I find myself constantly looking out for other colors omg.

While we’re on the topic of shoes. These foldable ones from #ASOS came as well!

It looks quite flat here but when worn the shoes fill up very nicely. The sequins makes it look more presentable for the office. And it is comfy (so impt!), and convenient to carry around in that little bag it comes with.

Another pair from Charles & Keith!

This wraps around the ankles and ends in a bow at the front. Very sweet!

It was also very soft and, comfy (yes).

The only thing is that the wrap does slip down rather frequently tbh. But it’s so comfortable to wear, it’s quite worth the hassle. Unless I’m running around then, a bit argh.

Moving on! I’ve always wanted to get #CalvinKlein bralettes cos I think they look so cute under sheer blouses.
And.. bralettes > wired bras c’mon!

But I didn’t know there’s 2 designs, so I ordered both. The grey one apparently is the more common one you’ll see all over IG and whatever. But surprisingly, the black one is more flattering. Maybe for Asians idk. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I got them both in a S and they fit just right.

Here’s the difference:
1. The grey one, is a lot more less stretchy. The black one has a tighter stretch.
2. The grey one’s racer back, the black one’s crossed back.
3. The grey one has cups that are like sewn in, like flaps, as in the picture. The black one has cups that are more inbuilt, it also has a small push-up effect.
4. When worn, the grey one looks more droopy, the black one is def more flattering.

I prefer the black one!

Last but not least! A lipstick I’ve always wanted to get but never had the heart to. Got it for a Christmas gift exchange! So pleased!

This is the #Laneige Duo Tone lipstick in a shade of pink & red.

Got to say I expected it to be more balmy, but it’s rather pigmented. Not so hydrating, so it’s more of a lipstick than a tinted lip balm imo.

& bcos pink suits my skin tone more, I flipped the red inwards, and have the pink on the outside instead.

Then I dap dap dap and blend blend blend and I actually like how easy it is to blend.

I would take any excess off on a piece of tissue for a more wearable look.

I think some of my current fav brands of lipsticks are:
1. Maybelline
2. Chanel
3. YSL

Even though it’s NYE, I’m still very much in the Christmas mood (work lag).. so more gift related stuff in the next post! 😅

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