Happy New Year everyone!

It feels like as we grow older, these NYEs come by faster and faster.

2017 was a year rougher than others. Surprisingly though, I was not the only one that felt that way.

But it’s the New Year again! So bye bye 2017, and hello 2018!

May this year be a year filled with blessings!

Had a VERY quiet NYE this year. I basically Netflix and chilled 😏

I was glad
1. I’m not hungover
2. I did not have to squeeze with the crowd to get home
3. I actually feel well rested for the New Year

So I woke up, feeling all zen, and went through my new earrings I collected for 2018.

I like to stock up in Dec because of all the sales.. so shoes, accessories, make up, clothes etc you name it!

These are from #Lovisa, they’ve a lot of $5 $7 sale atm and the UP is like $10 – $18, so very worth it! I visited like at least 4 outlets in the last week haha! Kua zhang. But they’re all like otw while I was doing my Christmas shopping, so I simply popped in & out really quickly. ✌🏻

Made good use of my morning by sorting out my earrings collection. Had to re-arrange them into categories, and also wiped them down cos I didn’t always have time throughout last year do so. And er I think it’s gross if I didn’t clean the studs down.

So this is it! Everything that I’m bringing into 2018!

Tbh today’s agenda is gonna be a lot of packing for the New Year. Throwing / giving away things I no longer love, cleaning my room & wardrobe, sorting my life for a New Year! So excited!

Just sorted out my work bag. I’m currently using the Givenchy Antigona in Small, Black, Pebbled Leather.

But cos it’s been raining season and all, so I finally found time today to give it a good wiping, coated the leather with some leather conditioner, and stuffed it to re-puff it out. It’s currently tucked away in its dust bag in the closet to set a bit.

In the meantime I thought I would switch to the #LouisVuitton Monogram Alma, but when I took it out I realised I very rarely use it (Tbh, once? Twice?). Since the last time I puffed it out it has actually taken on a very pretty shape (i.e. there’s no sunken portion). And it looks relatively new except for 3 marks I can find. But point is.. should I sell it off? For something I rarely use it’s quite a waste to use it for the sake of. The condition is very good currently.. 🤔

I got it from London & it has been sitting in my closet ever since.

Which then led me to sort out the bags I don’t use enough. & I dug up those 3 👆🏻

1. Louis Vuitton Alma PM Bag in Monogram Canvas (RP: USD1500, EUR1130, GBP1050)
2. Louis Vuitton KeepAll Bandouliere Graphite Damier 55 Bag (RP: USD1760, EUR1300, GBP1150)
3. #Gucci Black Canvas Crossbody (Got it from Auckland too long ago I don’t recall the price)

I’m not quite sure what to do with them. What do people do with luxury bags they no longer use? Surely we don’t throw / give them away. But if we just keep storing it the leather will start to crack.

Currently the condition on these are still good though. Bcos they’re hardly used (both the LVs like < 3 times for sure, and the Gucci probably like < 5?) there’s almost no scratches on the leather / canvas. The leather hasn’t deteriorated one bit. Even I’m impressed at how well it’s all held up.

Argh! How now brown cow! Anyone interested can DM me? Or like, I also dk how.

(They all have dust bags)

Anyways! So pleased my work bag has finally been cleaned. And I can’t wait till it sets back into its perfect shape! Yay!

P.s. Btw I heard Chanel’s 2017’s price hike is crazy!? 😭 I wanted a 2.55 but I guess there goes!? 💔

Finally sorted out my make up! 💄

Supposed to get rid of quite a bit but I ended up taking it out, cleaning it, putting it back 😓

Subconsciously I think I know which ones I won’t reach for but I can’t bear to throw them away!


> Base.

💕 Primer: Laura Mercier ✔️

Used to use #Benefit Porefessional for years but when I discovered #LauraMercier foundation primer, I’m a convert! Benefit has this silicon texture, which is nice, but Laura Mercier’s like a cream texture that dries down very nicely and helps the foundation stay all day. 👍🏻

💕 Foundation:
#Chanel ✔️ Perfection Lumière Velvet for events
#Laneige ✔️ BB Cushion for work
#Mac ✔️ Studio Fix Compact Powder for lazy days

💕 Setting Powder: Laura Mercier Loose Powder ✔️

> Blush.

#3CE ✔️
#Tarte ✔️ Amazonian Clay Blush

> Eyeshadow Palettes.

Definitely Tarte FTW.

> Eyeshadows.

#PonyEffect ✔️ is so pretty!
Laura Mercier’s eyeshadow stick has a good formula.

> Brushes.

Tbh I love the Tarte brushes more, they are better quality than the #RealTechniques ones.

But on a daily, my pick is Real Techniques ✔️. Cheap, good, less fuss.

#Sigma brushes are good too!

Also, even though this is not a brush, I swear by this: #BeautyBlender ✔️

A lot of people asks why spend so much on a sponge!? Right! But it blends so seamlessly I don’t think there’s an alternative sponge that does the job the same!

> Eye Products.

💕 Mascara: #Maybelline ✔️ The Hyper Curl Volume Express (Waterproof formula)

💕 Eyeliner: Maybelline ✔️ Masterliner (in both brown & black)

💕 Brow: Mac ✔️ eyeshadow powder (in the shade Espresso)

Maybelline is like jackpot in the eyes and lips department. I have so many backups it’s ridics.

Also for brows: #EtudeHouse Tint My Brows Gel, cos it’s life changing.

> Highlight.

#BobbiBrown ✔️ Shimmer Brick

On the left is a Tarte 3-in-1 palette I got gifted for Christmas. Should be good!

I’ve also ordered some Becca palettes and I can’t wait to try!

Last but not least.. I’ve wayy too many lip products for one person.



I love colors.

So.. here are my top few favourite formulas:

1. Maybelline ✔️ (affordable, colors are great!)
2. Benefit ✔️ Lip Tint (very natural!)

I’ve my higher end ones wrapped in tissues cos idw them scratching against each other. The packaging is too beautiful for that!

& in those..

3. #Chanel ✔️
4. #YSL ✔️

For a lip balm I absolutely swear by: Maybelline Baby Lip in that exact shade 👆🏻 It has a strong pink tint that’s still very natural, and a shine that’s so flattering.

Yeaaa. 😶

(that’s also not all my Maybelline collection -> office 🙈)

Okay. Now the last lap, packing my wardrobe! 😭😭😭💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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