Very happy this weekend cos I’m on leave this coming Monday & Tuesday!

Not only that, I was on leave last Tuesday Wednesday as well.

So I started the year on Thursday, and had a dress down ( / half day) on Friday, and I’m back slacking!!

Could really use the break.

But heading to JB soon! Yay!

So my BECCA make up arrived!

Can’t really say much about it yet cos it’s still new, so more of a swatch post cos it’s soooooo pretty!

BECCA really lived up to its hype!

#DayreBeauty #Becca

Apres Ski Glow Face Palette.

It says Limited Edition lah, but idk really. Seasonal and Limited Ed can be, a fine line.

Rose Quartz / Icicle / Opal:
Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed Highlighter

Winter Berry:
Mineral Blush

Blushed Copper:
Luminous Blush

Bronzed Bondi:
Sunlit Bronzer

Eye Lights Palette.

Consists of 7 eyeshadows.

Pretty sure shades like Opal & Moonstone can be used as highlighters. Although, not sure if the formula is the same.

Last but not least, mini versions of the very very very well known Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed Highlighter.

I prefer the mini ones bcos I don’t think anyone can finish using so many full sized highlighters!?! Even with strobing!

I think.

But the mini ones are perfectly enough for me.

Although Champagne Pop is the more popular shade, I don’t think it suits my skin tone. Also cos it’s not available haha.

So I got two of the ones I feel best suit me. I’ll say Opal for a tanner bronzed look (Beyoncé), and Moonstone for like high points & nose bridge to highlight.

One thing that really impressed me other than the intensity of the shimmer, was how well it blended. I think what sets it apart from other highlighters is that, with other highlighters they don’t blend as seamlessly. And because of that the whole face can end up looking like a shimmery slightly patchy mess. Or the highlight ends up looking too strong.

But this BECCA one.. when blended, spreads as an even layer coating the skin with the most flattering glow. So I’m guessing that’s why it’s so highly raved. I think it’s because the shimmer is very finely milled, so it’s less harsh and more.. sophisticated.

It’s pretty! I think for starters the minis will be very good purchases.

My dress down outfit for last Friday!

So long since my last OOTD omg.


& extremely happy thinking about my long weekend! 🤗

Monday & Tuesday off! Yippee! 🎉🎉

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