I’m finally back from JB (& leave). It was a very busy weekend, and I’ve an even busier weekend ahead. 😭

Last week I’ve had to plan out an entire JB trip (book hotels, massages, facials etc), settle my bills, and insurance stuff etc etc etc.. Basically every errand I was not able to get to during December (cos year end argh). So it was a fulfilling, but extremely packed Saturday through Tuesday. (I’m back at work today!)

This coming Saturday I’ve cancelled facial for a wedding lunch. I’ve a housewarming dinner, and a friend is returning to 🇦🇺.

Sunday I’ve a baby shower, and a birthday to celebrate.

What a busy SOY.

Cafe Hopping

I think a lot of Singaporeans Cafe Hop until JB already.

It’s so affordable there!

Like this cappuccino is about SGD$3.30.

Duck Confit for approximately SGD$12!

& Salmon Pasta for like SGD$9.60 WHUT. (Without the Salmon, it’s like SGD$6 for the pasta alone. Salmon was an add on at SGD$3.60)

The ambience is very much like P.S. Cafe at Dempsey.

The food is comparable to a lot of SG Cafes.

And the price.

Omg the price.

It’s unbeatable.

SGD$12 for duck confit is already one of the pricier items on the menu. The most expensive is the Cod, at MYR$76, about SGD$25.

Oh oh oh! Gourmet Truffle Beef Burger with a side of fries, MYR$24, or SGD$8. WHUT.

Busy eating.

(& a very pleased mom)

Satisfied parents.



Got really guilty for leaving #UsherTheSpitz at home alone overnight so I brought him on a long walk immediately once I’m home.

He was having the time of his life man.

Almost did not wanna head home.

Usher wants to go shopping! Haha

Ops. Hahahahhahah.

One ASOS parcel too many. 🙊

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