Feeling v short tempered today. Think my period is coming lol.

So many things to whine about. But I took a trip to town during lunch cos I needed a new lip balm and omg RAGE.

I’m not being mean or negative but I just don’t get how some people walk sometimes. Like HOW.

1. Sometimes people walk with absolutely no situational awareness. And it’s not like they’re on the phone or distracted. Today I was walking in a straight line, this lady out of nowhere decided to cross my path. WHY. Like some intertwined fate destiny galaxy thing. She was just looking into thin air, blank face, and crossed right. in front. of. me. WHY. And I had to jam brake omg. I was like going at 5284846297483 miles per hour and I had to stop dead in my steps while she blank face away. WHY 😭

2. People like to stop at the end point of escalators. WHY. Okay this is nothing new but today I encountered a new level to this scenario. I was being whisked away on the escalator and when I’m about to land back on planet earth, and at 19473862943 miles per hour no less, this lady decided to do a cross path scenario at the landing strip!!! WHY!!!!!!!!! She (not on the escalator) was cutting from the right of the escalator to the left, at the place people alight from the escalator. WHYYYY!!!!!

My heart is so weak don’t do this to me please!!!!! I was flying at 2853846394 miles per hour, that I CAN’T CONTROL, and I swear I thought I was going to smash into her OMG 😭 In my head I was like “No no no no no OMG **CLOSE EYES**”.

I was looking for an escape route. Legit.

It was like peak period lunch hour, and a very terribly busy escalator with too many people behind me all lined up to crash. Like those chain crashes on PIE. 🤦🏻‍♀️

3. Oh oh oh! And I dk if it’s some weird luck today but. This one is also epic. So, like Orchard (from Tangs to Far East Plaza) has a lot of unsheltered sections. Along Hyatt Hotel, there’s a tiny thin (one person) path along the parameter of the building that could serve as a shelter. It’s not even the width of an opened umbrella but.. WHY PEOPLE WITH UMBRELLA WANNA HOG THE SHELTER.

I had to draw it cos like the scene was absolutely ridiculous.

It’s lightly drizzling so like.. I mean if it was pouring I get how someone would prefer a shelter to an umbrella. But it was 1. DRIZZLING 2. YOUR UMBRELLA IS ALREADY OPENED ANYWAY 3. THERE IS NO SPACE FOR YOUR UMBRELLA IN THE SHELTER ANYWAYS 4. WHY ARE YOU WALKING AT NEGATIVE MILES PER HOUR!!! 😭

The obscene thing was a queue of non-umbrella people was starting to form behind the queue of umbrella people lol. And then one by one they departed from that line and braved the rain 😂 I was one of them. But as I was IN the rain I was raging like mad. Baffled mostly. Dumbfounded.

The umbrella people just continue to tortoise their way, unaware. WHY.

People with opened umbrella who still needed the shelter, WHY.

It looked like a complete joke, no joke.

I kept wondering if it’s PMS. But there really was an absence of logic in those situations and I cannot deal.

Okay shopping time!

I used to use the #Kiehls Baby Lip Balm.

I swear by it.

Baby approved. And if it’s fine for a baby to use, I’m sure it’ll be fine for me. 🙃

But I went today and there’s like this new range. Actually, it’s the same as the Sugar ones.

I haven’t used the Sugar ones before, even tho it’s highly raved. But I never really thought much of it. After all, I want a lip balm to nourish my lips first and foremost. Color can come with lipstick. (But I also use tinted lip balms lah, Baby Lips from Maybelline/Benefit’s)

Anw. I trust Kiehl’s more since it’s a good skin care brand, Sugar just feels more like a cosmetic line to me.

The bullet and all is actually v similar. It has a weight to it. A screw closure. And it’s very very sturdy and of good quality.

Also, they’ve about 5 tinted ones and the range of colors are very pretty. I like the 2 pink ones.

The balm itself based on the old one I used, is very moisturising. Cracked lips did not exist in my life. Like it happened for the first time in 3 years yesterday cos the JB hotel room we stayed was set at a freezing 16 deg and I didn’t know and my lips dried out. -.-

And the scent is a mild coconut vanilla smell, which is very natural and not overwhelming at all. Just barely there. I really love their lip balms.


One thing I don’t understand is this. Make a big box, segment it so it’ll fit. Why. Haha.

I’m so hard to please today.




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