Oh my goodness! Bruhhhhh!!!!! ❄️❄️❄️

I thought last night was bad.. but I couldn’t wake up this morning cos my body refused to leave the duvet.

Also. We slept with most windows closed, without the fan / AC. First time.

And. Almost died in the shower cos I used up all the hot water. I started with the tap handle in the middle and slightly towards the hot side. And by the end of it the handle had shifted to the extreme hot end. I literally ran out of hot water.

And. Then I brushed my teeth at the sink and the water was colder than some of the cold countries I’ve been. The tiled floors were FREEZING. The running water was like iced water. ☹️

Global warming is becoming too real this year.

Home! 6.20pm.

It’s still so bright I can’t believe it.

And it’s still so cold all the windows are closed except for one.

Lunch time shopping is sooooo therapeutic.

I needed a new phone case so I wandered into #Typo cos I knew they had like $5 – $10 sale ones the last time I was there. (But no more lol)

I saw these instead! And I really liked the idea!

A lot obviously, cos I bought two.

And! It was $29.90 reduced to $15. 👍🏻

But it’s only for the regular iPhone 6/7.

So smart hor?

– Magnetic closure (the flap)
– Detachable phone case (like a free phone case on the inside that’s attached to the body of this “wallet” magnetically)
– Multi pocket for cards
– Detachable chain as well if you just wanna hold onto it instead of wearing it crossbody

I thought it’ll be perfect for weekends. I usually run around for breakfast with my family but I hate bags on weekends so I’ll put my card holder and phone in my mum’s bag which is so inconvenient every time I need to get to it.

This one I can just use the detachable phone case inside, and on weekends attach it to this crossbody wallet thing and go. Also I thought it’ll be great for work days lunch. Maybe without the chain if it doesn’t go with the outfit. But I really really adore the whole magnet-it-on idea. All for $15. A normal case alone can cost that.

For $15 the quality is 👌🏻

But, the sale section was Buy 2 Get 1 Free, so I actually got 3 items for $30. Means okay, this is like.. $10!?!

The chain is long though so I’ve to loop it once around the flap then it’s the perfect length.

Like that!

& this is my ootd also haha! It’s too cold!

Black ✔️
Long sleeve top ✔️
Pants ✔️

Long jacket ✔️


In Other News..

Picked up two new #Maybelline lip colors.

Right: No.11 Raspberry Rendezvous (The Loaded Bolds). I can’t use reds cos I’ve a RBF so people tell me I look very fierce sometimes. I stick to pinks cos I think they look friendlier? Idk. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But this raspberry red I thought was quite a pink infused red so I picked it up for CNY haha. Very raspberry loh.

Left: MAT5/MNU04 (The Creamy Mattes). My typical cool tone fuchsia, I’ve so many of these but I cannot stop!

Turns out they both looked very similar from afar. Same same but different.

(Left: MAT5; Right: Raspberry Rendezvous)

But I like both cos one’s a raspberry tone, while the other is.. a cool tone pink. It’s not really the same.




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