Can’t understand why my schedule has been so packed since Dec sobs.

It was year end, Christmas, New Year, DND..

Then Valentines, CNY.

I’ve so many things running concurrently up until, the weekend after 初一, 初二. But every time I look forward to the “after”, things will pile up again.

Apart from work & festive celebrations..

To Do List:
✔️ Study some materials
✔️ Read a book I borrowed from a friend
✔️ Sort out CNY shopping
✔️ Finance matters
✔️ Plan out trips this year (hopping for a dive & ski trip 🙆🏻‍♀️)
✔️ Arrange for Golf
✔️ Lunch & Dinner appts
✔️ Buy YuSheng

That’s offhand. Idk how many more! 😰

I’ve had to resort to a physical organiser to help me keep track of my appts and to-do matters.

I’ve also had to use the Notes in my iPhone for when something pops into my head on the go.


& now I’m trying to Dayre. HAHAHHAHAHA.

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