Chinese New Year is coming!

I’m getting more & more excited for all the CNY ootds! Woots! 🙌🏻

Looking through old Dayre posts and realising I’ve more memories here than I thought. I think I should really back them up. But.. I heard it’s tedious and laggy? Sigh. 😔

I’ve been busy yesterday doing spring cleaning for my mum. Every once or twice a year I’ll pick a spot or two to do intensive deep cleaning, i.e. I’ll remove everything including the shelves and soap them down and wipe the insides and outsides of the cabinets, then wipe down the items and completely re-organise / re-categorise everything. Most importantly throw away all the items we don’t use enough. I hate clutter, and I love throwing / giving away things.


This year I worked on the fridge cos the last couple of times I did the kitchen twice (cabinets stove and vent etc 😱), the storeroom way too many times (removing EVERYTHING from the store was a nightmare), and my bedroom thrice?

But ever since then, all the horrific places in the house is in order.. storeroom.. kitchen..

I’ve done the fridge once or twice before but because it’s a place that gets messed up really easily I dread investing time there.

But this is the year. 💪🏻

Mighty pleased at how it turned out.

Although, family fridges are def a challenge cos moms usually like to chuck all their marketing wherever.

This is the end result.


We now have a fresh fruits and vegetables shelve.

Previously my fridge was like the Narnia closet.

With a black hole at the end.

Perishables will just.. perish.

Annnd the freezer. Everything has a home now!

Before this EVERYTHING was spilling out, like there was ZERO space to pile even the smallest item in.

I now have extra shelves and I am so so so so pleased. ✌🏻

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